Otakon 2010 [Photographic Memory]

Street Fighters
Most impressive ensemble goes to the gaggle of Doctor Whos, but this was definitely my favorite Otakon cosplay ensemble.

The USA’s second largest anime convention came and went and I took pictures of it. Yes, Otakon 2010 happened, but, no, I didn’t want to actually pay admission to go in since I don’t watch as much anime anymore and I didn’t know any of the artists that were appearing, so I freeloaded along with my brother and took pictures of the cosplayers who were coming into or leaving the convention center on Saturday.

As long as there are anime conventions there will be Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon cosplay.

I’d only ever been to one similar convention before, MegaCon in Orlando, but I was thoroughly impressed by the degree of cosplay on display. Maybe it’s because it’s an anime convention and not a general comics convention, but it seemed like the majority of the attendees were in costume rather than just shlubbing it like I did back in the day.

Phoenix Wright!
I refused to leave until I saw some Phoneix Wright cosplay.

We spent two hours or so just hanging around the front and side doors (we weren’t allowed inside without badges) snapping pictures of cosplayers who didn’t mind the attention, marveling at all the costumes. I don’t have much more to say beyond that, so here’s a gallery of my favorite costumes from Otakon 2010 (sorry dialup users!).

Faye Valentine
Good to see such faithful Bebop cosplay is still going strong


No Clue, but Cute
I have no idea what anime this is from, but this girl is quite good looking, so I snapped a shot. For bonus points, check out the old man behind her looking at her ass. EDIT: It appears to be a Disgaea 3 Gunner costume.

"I can't get over how FAST they all are, it's not even fair. I'm calling zombie bullshit on that, you know? They're not…ALLOWED to be so fast." Plenty of L4D cosplay, which makes me a very happy Dan.

Doctors Who
The Tenant Doctor Who on the right was actually a fairly good looking lady. Great costume, too.

Ash and Pikachu
Anyone who visits this blog knows I love Pikachu cosplay.

Servbot Crew
A crew of servbots! Not super complicated, but it works. Makes me want to play Dead Rising…

One of the most impressive costumes of the show. This is an amazing Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke.

A MUCH more elaborate servbot cosplay.

All he was missing was a chocobo in his 'fro, but he had the L'Cie brand on his chest and an accurate magicite thing (I forgot what they were called!)

Yoko from Gurren Lagann
Very accurate gun and costume for Gurren Lagann.

I love all Ace Attorney cosplay! We need to see more Apollo Justice too!

Depp Mad Hatter
Fantastic Burton Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter

It's a shame this girl had the huge Buster Sword with her becasue this shot is so far away from her elaborate costume and ridiculously blue eyes (HAD to be contacts)

Great Red-Haired Shanks cosplay.

Bayonetta Cosplay
Bayonetta. Her heels aren't guns, but still a good costume.

L4D2 Nick
Nick's got a bile jar!

Buggy the Clown
The most fearsome pirate on the seven seas, Buggy the Clown

Otakon 071
Mihawk cosplay. Nice sword and costume!

One Piece Cosplay
A great cast shot of One Piece. I took this one mostly because I noticed Water 7 Nami in there.

Rockman X
I could never pass up Rockman X cosplay.

Super Saiyan
SUPER SAIYAN! I love the level of dedication to make blond eyebrows too

Mugiwara (Straw Hat) no Luffy. He asked me if I wanted him to pose. I said "Of course!"

Code Geass
The heroes of Code Geass

Sora and Namine
I was wondering why she didn't move out of the shot until I realized she was Namine. Great cosplay pair.

Doctor Who Crew
Doctors Who throughout the ages.

BONK! Great Scout costumes!
Better Scout Cosplay

Soldier and Engineer
I love that she's even got herself a turret!

Another convention staple, Yuffie the ninja.

"I think I hear a hunter!"

A fantastic Lucario costume that is crazy detailed. Too bad the Internet ruined such things for me by making me immediately think furry.

Team Fortress 2 Spy
I also photographed a sniper. Wait a second! It's a spy disguised as a sniper!

Dark Sora?
Dark Sora? Elaborate and awesome all the same.

Amazing attention to detail with the full L'Cie brand there too. Wow.

Growing out those sideburns takes real dedication.

Not cosplay, but my favorite part of the convention. So cute!


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  1. Min Avatar

    Very awesome. Did you take these pictures? Or Eric?

    1. Dan Avatar

      These are all my shots. I imagine Eric will post his inferior shots some time in the future.

  2. DisgaeaDood Avatar

    I know I was late to comment. That girl with the red cowboy costume is from disgaea 3

    1. Dan Avatar

      THANK YOU! I’ve been trying to figure this out FOREVER!

    2. Dan Avatar

      Wait, which character? I can’t figure it out.

      1. Dan Avatar

        Got it. It’s the Disgaea 3 Gunner class. Gonna update the article to reflect it.

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