Category: Photographic Memory

  • President Obama’s Flickr [II/PM]

    Did you know the President has a Flickr account? It’s crazy! I mean, I know a lot of this digital stuff is only just now maturing and getting big, but I love that the Obama political machine has so embraced every facet of it. From Tumblr to Twitter to Flickr, I mean, they’re on top […]

  • Otakon 2010 [Photographic Memory]

    The USA’s second largest anime convention came and went and I took pictures of it. Yes, Otakon 2010 happened, but, no, I didn’t want to actually pay admission to go in since I don’t watch as much anime anymore and I didn’t know any of the artists that were appearing, so I freeloaded along with […]

  • Domo at Cornell [Photographic Memory]

    The famous McGraw Tower. A Cornell icon… …About to be consumed by Domo-kun

  • The Chronicles of the Traveling Domo [Photographic Memory]

    So it’s shameless self-promotion of the highest degree, but I’m really enjoying this photo project I’m working on. For now it’s been a picture a day on my iPhone of Domo-kun in various situations, but the general idea would be for me to take pictures of Domo in various places I visit. For example, had […]