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  • What I’ve Been Doing 30 Sept – 14 Oct 2013 [FB/IB/F/BT/GO]

    Man have I been busy! So much has conspired to keep me from getting this out until now between going to Boston and the government shutdown and all kinds of craziness, but no excuses now! We should be back to our regularly scheduled programming from here on out. Movies Captain Phillips – Tom Hanks deserves […]

  • Memories of Blue and Silver [GO]

    Way back in 1998 (holy crap, that was 14 years ago!) Nintendo Power started the long game of hyping up this weird little Pocket Monsters game that was exploding with popularity in Japan. This quirky little RPG was coming stateside and they wanted us all to know about it. I’m sure you can guess that […]

  • Did You Know Gaming? – Zelda [GO/ER]

    Some neat little tidbits I hadn’t seen or thought about before. Didn’t know that the Zelda timeline includes one where Link lost. Pretty crazy. Did You Know Gaming? has also made a video about Pokemon that’s pretty cool too:

  • IBNttT in 2011 [U]

    It’s time to look at the most popular posts on the blog over the last year. I was a little more apathetic about updating this year and my traffic suffered accordingly, dropping off by ~4,000 hits. The top posts haven’t changed too much, but here goes: Top Posts Remixed Objection, No Yakuza 3?, L4D2 (Again), […]

  • New Game + For Pokemon [GO]

    I was thinking about Pokemon this morning (like I usually do) and I was lamenting the fact that the campaigns, while fun, are hardly difficult. The hardest battles you ever face are gym leaders and the Elite Four. In later versions of the game they added in bonus bosses or battles that were more difficult […]

  • IBNttT in 2010! [U]

    About a week into January of 2010 Eric found and installed one of the best wordpress plugins I’ve ever seen, WordPress.com Stats. Thanks to that, I’ve got some performance numbers for the site to share. Top Posts Remixed Objection, No Yakuza 3?, L4D2 (Again), and Pokémon Cosplay [Game Overview] (1,182) I know precisely why this […]

  • Otakon 2010 [Photographic Memory]

    The USA’s second largest anime convention came and went and I took pictures of it. Yes, Otakon 2010 happened, but, no, I didn’t want to actually pay admission to go in since I don’t watch as much anime anymore and I didn’t know any of the artists that were appearing, so I freeloaded along with […]

  • State of the Table: January [Uncat]

    Here at IBNttT we like to take a moment every so often to look inside and get a feel for what’s popular and important to people coming to the site. With that in mind, here are the top search terms and pages from the month of January (remember kids: I only started taking data on […]

  • Super Ichiban Travel Blog Part XIX: Epilogue [II]

    No Game Overview today, we’re gonna finish this up since I didn’t get to it today (World Series business) And so it came to pass that I went to Japan, saw some baseball, and came back home with a greater appreciation and understanding of Japan. If you remember the first entry in this series, I […]

  • Super Ichiban Travel Blog Part XVII: In Which Our Hero Casually Greets Professional Players [II]

    The last full day of the trip! Even though I was ready to go home, it still felt like I had unresolved business out in Japan. I wanted to go home and be back in my apartment and not traveling, but I also wanted to stay and watch more Japanese baseball and chow down on […]