What I’ve Been Doing 23 Jan 2013 [FB/IB/F/BT/GO]

Fun fact: The blonde in this picture is Julia Stiles! (Photo courtesy emrahozcan)

Wow guys, this is pretty late, huh? Sorry bout that!


Silver Linings Playbook – It may be the most accessible Oscar nominee to watch, but that doesn’t preclude it from being just astonishingly well acted. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper turned in fantastic performances. I have a hard time imagining a person who would dislike this movie.


New Girl – Who thought I’d ever utter the words, “I’m gonna miss Olivia Munn…” Loved the pogo stuff from this week’s ep.

Archer – I didn’t really love the first episode, but it cracked me the hell up. Great stuff.

Happy Endings – I really dug the “other friends”. It’s a stock conceit, but Happy Endings usually puts a unique enough spin on that type of thing where I don’t mind it.

One Piece – I’ve got something like 260 episodes to go to catch up to the present.

Girls – The premiere was really strong. The second episode less so, but this show is still top notch. Some shows have unlikeable casts that aren’t believable. I know a lot of these people…


I really dig “Apocalypse Dreams” by Tame Impala


A Confederacy of Dunces – This book is really starting to come together. The cast is converging and it’s all gonna culminate on this political rally. I can’t wait.

Video Games

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – That free Second Wave DLC is super awesome, but man are its modifiers tough. That Red Mist one makes it near impossible, but I love it anyway.

Sleeping Dogs – Not really grabbing me. I should just burn through to the end…

Hotline Miami – Beat the main story. Pretty fun game. The bonus missions are tough, but I think I’ll manage. Gotta get the secret password too.

Borderlands 2 – Still having fun, but it’s tough to get everyone together sometimes. I really should take the time to level up Gaige since she’d be more fun to play, I think. On the flip side, the healer role I kind of have with Maya is fun too.

FTL – I came so close to getting the Stealth Ship. I don’t want to talk about it…


10 responses to “What I’ve Been Doing 23 Jan 2013 [FB/IB/F/BT/GO]”

  1. Eric Mesa Avatar

    While the first ep of Archer wasn’t the best, I did like the meta-reference to the other voice acting gig of the guy who voices Archer. Also, loved the fun they had with him and Lana when he was amnesiac. Finally, loved the callback to Barry and Other Barry.

    1. Dan Avatar

      I liked the Danger Zone reference.

  2. daniela Avatar

    digging the beats, loved the movie….. Girls… i’m just not into anymore. Don’t like how the criticism about the lack of diversity was dealt with even though i love the actor chosen for the role. Currently i’m liking the newsroom… whats archer? and check out an oldy but goodie romantics anonymous.

    1. Dan Avatar

      I thought all of the issues with diversity were kind of overblown to begin with. The point of the show, to me, is that those girls are all self-involved and self-important and I don’t think the show has ever tried to imply that it was supposed to represent what it’s like to be 20-something and in NY for every person. It’s meant to be myopic and unlikeable and all that.

      I definitely love Donald Glover and the way that he called Hannah out on all her bullshit, but it’s a bummer that he won’t be on the show any more (probably) because he’s hilarious. Can’t wait for Community’s return next month.

      Archer is a comedy about a spy agency on FX. It’s ridiculous/awesome/hilarious.

    2. Eric Mesa Avatar

      Archer’s on Netflix – check out the first two seasons. If you don’t like it – well, then you don’t have the same sense of humor that I do.

  3. daniela Avatar

    No netflix outside of US borders…

    1. Eric Mesa Avatar

      ¿Donde estas estos dias?

  4. daniela Avatar

    Sigo en Paris trabajando con la OCDE o en ingles OECD. Pero los he tenido presentes desde el nacimiento de scarlett. No creo que tu hermano, middle mesa, sea muy bueno pasandote los mensajes que les mando (a ti y a danielle)…. De todas formas tomare de nuevo la oportunidad de felicitarlos por esa preciosura de bebe que tienen.

    1. Dan Avatar

      I pass along saludos!

    2. Eric Mesa Avatar

      Not sure – but I am very forgetful about stuff like that.

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