8-bit Jesus [Feedback/Game Overview]

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a grinch when it comes to Christmas music. The songs never change and it all gets rather repetitive, especially since radio stations start exclusively playing Christmas music almost immediately following Thanksgiving. What’s a guy to do? Find an awesome alternative.

In the past that alternative has usually been rock Christmas albums, like the always fun Relient K Christmas albums, but this year my, admittedly post-Christmas, salvation comes in the form of chip tunes.

Doctor Octoroc has put together a brief, 22-minute, Christmas album inspired by the music of multiple NES games called 8-bit Jesus. It’s free, but donations are encouraged and a donation of $15 (or any multiple thereof) will land you a nifty physical copy of the CD complete with album art.

It’s a really cool spin on your Christmas favorites, so be sure to check it out. The songs are all brief, so it doesn’t drag on, and if you’ve played these games it’s pretty easy to pick out which ones are being used for the inspiration.

Now I’m off to go look for more chip tunes, especially Mega Man 2-inspired ones.






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  1. Eric Avatar

    I’ll definitely have to check those out. I wish more bands would work on original Christmas music. Why do we have to be stuck with tunes from the 50s and earlier?

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