Penny Arcade, The Guild, Lost, Heroes [Game Overview/Idiot Box]


I think it’s worth mentioning that the guys at Penny Arcade are universally hilarious. I was tooling around their site today and I found a couple of oldies, but goodies that I thought I would share:

There’s one about Pokémon that shows Gabe at his training worst. If nothing it’s a hilarious take on the oftentimes frantic and crazy love of the game that you usually witness in small children.

Then there’s the running gag that Gabe loves Patrick Swayze and Dirty Dancing. I’ve seen the ending to that movie. I think this does accurately represent it.

There’s also Gabe dominating children’s games and deciding that he needs a new group of friends.

And, finally, we have Doritos. I think the less said about that the better. Let the professionals do the talking.

The Guild

I’ve never seen The Guild, but I love Felicia Day and the premise of a WoW guild who decides to meet in real life just sounds like too much of a delicious premise for me to pass up. I’ll probably start watching today, but if any of my readers has seen it and knows if it’s good or not, let me know. Season 2 is debuting every Tuesday on XBL.


It’s been about half a year since we saw just what happened to the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and I’ve gotta say I’m itching to get back into the swing of things. I got my hands on Season 4 on Blu-Ray and I’ve been working my way through the disappointingly short bank of episodes to fully recap all the plot points I’ll be expected to have at my fingertips on 21 January.

Supposedly the new season will feature less flashbacks and flash forwards, but I’ve gotta say that I don’t really mind those. I’m just insanely curious about how the (SPOILER ALERT!) Oceanic Six are going to find their way back on the island. How is Jack going to convince Kate to get back on a plane? What happened to Locke and the rest of the folks still out there? T-36 days until I can finally find out at least one or two answers…


Despite a lukewarm season so far, Heroes managed to put together a rock-solid mid-season finale ending to Volume 3: Villains.

Contrary to what most people have been saying about the show, I think this season has been as strong as S1 in a lot of places and certainly way stronger than S2. Still, they could use some refocusing and I hope that they learn from the finale (which was amazing because of Sylar) about how to effectively tell these human stories in the future.

Just remember guys, Hiro is not a moron, so stop making him act like one!


5 responses to “Penny Arcade, The Guild, Lost, Heroes [Game Overview/Idiot Box]”

  1. Eric Avatar

    That pokemon strip is my all-time Penny Arcade favorite. I strive to create something that awesome.

  2. Eric Avatar

    Wow, their art style has REALLY evolved!

  3. Dan Avatar

    It’s inevitable. Check out old Megatokyos or old anything

  4. Eric Avatar

    Yeah, I’m reading through Masago and I’m in the 2007 time-frame and he posted something from the 2005 time-frame that he had inked up, but never posted. I was like – Oh my, that is much, much worse than his current style.

    I find, generally, that the thing that separates the early comics for the later ones is spatial drawing (perspective). A lot of artists seem to have real issues with foreshortening and other such things that make an otherwise good comic look strange to the eyes. Luckily, with 3D comics I don’t have to worry about that – it’s already taken care of by the renderer.

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