The Blue Bomber is Back! Mega Man 10 Impressions [GO]
March 16th, 2010 by Dan

Rock and Blues

After a year and a half of not-so-dedicated Mega Man 9 playing, I finally defeated Wily last night and moved on to the recently released Mega Man 10. Maybe it’s because I’m still in the groove from 9, but it seems a lot easier, even on Normal.

I’ve killed six of the eight robot masters, most of them with the Mega Buster instead of their weakness. I can only attribute this to the overabundance of E-Tanks throughout the normal levels. Rockman 9 had one tank in its standard levels and one in Wily’s Castle. I’m pretty sure I’ve located around three in the normal levels. Beyond that, it feels like screws are way more abundant than before, which makes it easier to buy even more tanks. It just seems like Capcom heard people say that the game was too hard so they toned it down…a lot.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still lots of fun, but I miss some of the frustration. I’m sure I’ll be eating those words once I get to Wily’s Castle.

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