Slacked Off [Game Overview]
January 15th, 2010 by Dan

Yeah, I'm a huge slacker today like Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice

Like Phoenix and Apollo, I was slacking off last night playing Apollo Justice...

I slacked off hardcore this week, so I don’t really have any real news stories prepared for you this week, but I did have tons of fun last night playing Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. I’ve finally resolved to finish the game’s final case after a hiatus that lasted nearly a year. A new game has been announced by Capcom, but no details have been announced yet. Personally, I can’t wait to find out what happens to Phoenix and Apollo.


As requested, here’s an updated look at my weapon stats.

Not too shabby.

Some improvements, some changes based on playing differently.

Based on the things I said I wanted to improve on, here’s how I did.

-Zoey is now at 52%. Playing versus with my friends who insist on random kept this number from rising too far.
-My revive:revived ratio dropped to about 0.3. Not too bad an improvement from 0.5
-Finales improved went up to 15.12%, which is +2% or so. When you play a lot of versus, this number doesn’t rise too high.
-Average damage to teammate is still 49. Still higher than I’d like
-I’ve shot the shotgun a LOT more. I blame Survival mode and having to actually use a more versatile gun in versus mode
-My headshots with the hunting rifle actually dropped to 4%. Since it doesn’t matter where you hit with it, I really don’t care.
-50-50 versus record
-Still not a lot of rocks thrown as the tank
-100% Golds on Survival =]

I’ll analyze my L4D2 stats soon.

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  • Eric Mesa writes:
    January 15th, 20109:12at

    Yay stats! I keep thinking of Apollo from Rocky. This is weird because I never saw that movie.

    • Dan writes:
      January 15th, 20109:16at

      Apollo Creed = Boxer (they make a similar joke to this in the Quick Look of Phoenix Wright on Giant Bomb)

      Apollo Justice = Ace Attorney

      • Eric Mesa writes:
        January 15th, 20109:20at

        Who’s who in the above graphic?

        • Dan writes:
          January 15th, 20109:24at

          From top left going clockwise:

          Ema Skye – Police Investigator
          Apollo Justice – Ace Attorney
          Trucy Wright – Magician
          Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney

          When I actually lend you Phoenix Wright, you’ll realize that there are some other important characters missing in this photo (Detective Gumshoe, Miles Edgeworth, the Fey sisters (Mia, Maya, Pearl)), but since I was playing Apollo Justice, I figured this picture would be more representative.

          • Eric Mesa writes:
            January 15th, 20109:29at

            I kept expecting Apollo to be black. So is he embarrassed because the detective is being foward with him (in the picture?) I’m also surprised to see Phoenix Wright in a snow hat. Not very ace attorney-like.

            • Dan writes:
              January 15th, 20109:36at

              Yeah, he’s probably embarrassed by Ema’s forward actions there. Hey now, even attorneys get cold ears. You’ll find out more if/when you play the games.

            • Dan writes:
              January 15th, 20109:44at

              Oh crap, I totally forgot to mention that Prosecutor Klavier Gavin is on the TV.

              • Eric Mesa writes:
                January 15th, 201010:31at

                The prosecutor is an idol singer? (as in Japanese Idol singers, not some American Idol thing)

                • Dan writes:
                  January 15th, 201010:36at

                  He’s the lead singer of the Gavinners. The various prosecutors in these games are all ridiculous. One even has a Star Trek-like visor.

                  • Eric Mesa writes:
                    January 15th, 201010:37at

                    Man, I wish I could play these games. If only they’d come out in the USA.

                    • Dan writes:
                      January 15th, 201010:38at

                      Har har har….

                    • Eric Mesa writes:
                      January 15th, 201010:39at

                      Perhaps, if someone were to link to it via an Amazon store – I’d be able to find it.

                    • Dan writes:
                      January 15th, 201010:45at

                      The prices on the earlier games seem way inflated thanks to the used game market on Amazon, but you can find them cheaper new on the site too, just not for the original MSRP

  • Eric Mesa writes:
    January 15th, 20109:13at

    Also, I love the opening graphic.

    • Dan writes:
      January 15th, 20109:17at

      Me too! Drunk Ema is funny and so is the sleeping Phoenix Wright

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