What I’ve Been Doing 3 June 2013 [FB/IB/F/BT/GO]
Jun 3rd, 2013 by Dan

Dead Space 3

Katie was out of town, so I spent most of the weekend mainlining Dead Space 3 with David and not seeing these weird soldiers because, I dunno, video games! (Photo by GameXpect)

The funny thing about this list is that it was mostly generated over the weekend when Katie was out of town. The rest of week I spent watching the second best baseball game I’ve ever seen and hanging out with her and Kara.


Guys…I just want to see Star Trek. Why haven’t I seen it yet?!


Veep – I hadn’t even thought of the comparison until I read it on The AV Club, but it’s fascinating how some photo memes turn into viral, badass things and others are just embarrassing.

Community – Finally saw the body switching episode. I guess the Troy and Britta thing never really worked or gelled in the non-Harmon era, but I don’t know that I buy that Troy would handle it that way considering how much he struggled to get Abed to confront his feelings last year. Not a bad episode otherwise.

Happy Endings – Best line of the four (or so) episodes I saw: “If I met you today, we would not be friends”. I wish the show hadn’t gotten rid of Pete, but it remains as funny as ever. The news that ABC won’t pick up this show (and it’s questionable status as a TBS or USA pickup) saddens me greatly.


Here’s a great track by Thundercat, “Oh Sheit It’s X”


Uh…I swear I’m not an uncultured animal. I swear!

Video Games

Monaco – Holy crap, Min, Dave, and I are just stumped by the museum level. We need a fourth who’s very good at the game, methinks…

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box – Still moving along slowly. I thought I was gonna beat it last night, but I chose to Monaco it up with Min and Dave instead.

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask – Mostly playing the daily puzzles and not even touching the story. I’ve got two games to beat before I get to it anyway, so get off my case!

Dead Space 3 – Played just…hours and hours (like 8 this week) of this over the weekend. Dave and I are nearly done and having a blast recording it for the channel. Hopefully we get good views from that, but even if we don’t we’ve had fun. My favorite part: fighting Necromorphs for 10 minutes while David tries to figure out what to do in hallucination-land.


Somehow left off…

DmC Devil May Cry – Beat this sucker and the Vergil DLC over the weekend. I never played the original games, but the attitude and fun of this version is rather tongue in cheek and very funny. It could easily have been too self-serious and boring, but they 100% avoided that.

International Incident: A Primer for New American Citizens from the United Kingdom
Apr 8th, 2008 by Dan

On this glorious day, my British buddy Phil is finalizing his dual citizenship with the U.S. and U.K. As a courtesy to him, I’ve prepared this list of vital differences between America and England to facilitate his naturalization.

1. Stop putting extra letters in your words. Prime examples are as follows: color, armor, flavor, honor. Seriously guys, you’re just cheating at Scrabble when you do that.

2. No one in the states acclimatizes to anything. We become acclimated.

3. Torches provide light with fire. I’m sure electricity is mystical to what must be a very backwards island, but in America we call them flashlights when they use electricity and light bulbs.

4. We keep our skeletons in closets in the States, not the cupboard. This is really just a matter of hygiene. Would you want your cereal stored in the same place you store your corpses?

5. Do you know where everything in the world is? Forget it as quickly as you can. You only have to know where Mexico and Canada are. The former to build a fence to keep them out, the latter to buy cheap prescription drugs.

6. So you had socialized medicine in England, did you? We don’t have freebies in this country. Get a job you Commie!

7. There are no topless women on page 3 of our tabloids. What kind of people are…wait…that one we need to bring stateside…

8. Forget about news that matters, the BBC just keeps it too real. Instead, learn to enjoy hearing about Paris Hilton on CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, etc. 24/7

9. Football is played with your hands.

10. Remember to buy a gun and a cowboy hat, you’ll need it when you’re cast as the token American in British movies.

Welcome to America, buddy. You’re gonna love it here!

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