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  • 2010 in Video Games [GO]

    As is typical of me, I played a ton of video games this year. Here’s a listing of what I played along with a few short (or long) words on each game. For the most part, this list is restricted to games released in 2010 unless I did not play them until this year. It’s […]

  • Civilization V Review [Game Overview]

    This piece was conceived of as yet another Mesa Brothers Experiment (TM) through which we might examine the differing views and approaches we have/take on the same subject. See his take here. Is it just me getting old and grumpy or does everything seem to be getting dumbed down lately? Apple is trying to tell […]

  • Civil Service: The Road to Civ V [Embedded Reporter/GO]

    Ryan and Vinny take a look at the recent history of the Civilization series and show a little bit of Civ V as well.

  • Civ Updates [Game Overview]

    There haven’t been too many turns played recently thanks to Eric moving to a new office, so I don’t have all that much to say. Ethiopia France continues to survive while I finish researching Construction and gathering my forces. His research has been slow and I’ve been trying to monitor his forces to ensure that […]

  • The Holy Roman Empire is NO MORE [Game Overview]

    Ethiopia My war against France has not been going well. Rather than continue the pointless war of attrition thanks to my absurdly long supply lines, I’m working on discovering Mathematics, building catapults, and then capturing France. Khmer Empire With the sacking of Thessalonica, the Holy Roman Empire is no more. I learned from Eric that […]

  • Heavy Rain Impressions and Civ IV Update [Game Overview]

    Despite relatively good reviews from most outlets, Heavy Rain is something of a negative topic among bloggers. I’ve seen most come down on it’s mechanics being anti-immersive and some just outright hate the game and the way it is played. I haven’t finished the thing myself yet, but I’m not quite in the hate camp […]

  • Civ IV Update [Game Overview]

    Contrary to what might be expected, I actually don’t pay much attention to news when I’m stuck in the house all week thanks to a snowstorm so this week’s update will just be about my Civ games. Ethiopia Perhaps my strongest civilization position comes with my first game as the Ethiopians. Thanks to lucky placement […]

  • Civ IV PBEM [Game Overview]

    It should be no surprise to devoted readers of IBNttT that I love Civ IV. Over my gaming lifespan, I’d wager a guess that (WoW aside), I’ve probably sunk more hours into the Civ franchise than any other. The series is that good. I can’t quite remember what sparked the most recent return by my […]

  • Game Overview: Pre-Current Gen PC All-Stars

    Insert another credit, because it’s time for your weekly video game news and you’ve just hit the Game Overview screen. Due to some poor life decisions, I find myself stranded for five weeks without any video games. What’s a guy to do, right? Well, rather than just giving you some of the headlines from the […]