Civ IV PBEM [Game Overview]
January 29th, 2010 by Dan


It should be no surprise to devoted readers of IBNttT that I love Civ IV. Over my gaming lifespan, I’d wager a guess that (WoW aside), I’ve probably sunk more hours into the Civ franchise than any other. The series is that good.

I can’t quite remember what sparked the most recent return by my brother to the game, but he started playing it again, sparking my interest yet again. If I didn’t already have Mass Effect 2 to sink time into, I’d be playing Civ IV like mad right now, I’ll tell you that. As a compromise I decided to start some Play By E-Mail (PBEM) games with him instead. Three games, to be exact. I plan to make weekly reports on these games and our status, hopefully without giving too much away to my enemies (I’m looking at you Eric). This can either be a terrible idea or a great one, depending on how well I do, so I’m pretty excited about it. Since we’re still at the once city stage with all three games, I won’t go into any detail today, but I might take some screenshots for tomorrow or next week and put some up.

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  • Danielle writes:
    January 29th, 201022:27at

    Oooh this is gonna be interesting. Eric told me he made it to Caesar. Hail Caesar!

  • Eric Mesa writes:
    February 1st, 20107:55at

    I wouldn’t worry too much about giving stuff away. Especially at this stage and with three games going, I’m too lazy when it comes to video games to look for a particular blogpost as I play in order to leverage that somehow.

    I’ll say at this stage that, while it’s been fun playing with you and not just computer opponents, I can’t say these games have been fun – yet. We’re still in the phase where, in a single player game, I’d be hitting space bar for five or so times in a row to get to where I actually have units to move around. Therefore making for a rather boring game up until now. At our current pace, probably another week before things pick up.

    Finally, at first I thought that screenshot was from your game and I thought:
    1) Dan plays civ in spanish? That’s hardcore!
    2) Irony playing as George Washington in Spanish

    • Dan writes:
      February 1st, 20109:55at

      Suuuure…I’m not falling for your false sense of security. Me talking about strategic resources just might subconsciously trigger something in a turn you take or something like that, I dunno. Still, it will be interesting to see how these games turn out once we get out of the early game doldrums.

      Yeah, that’s not a screenshot from my game, just a random Civ player who posted screens on Flickr that I needed for my blog post.

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