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  • That Mitchell and Webb Look – Moneypenny [Embedded Reporter]

    A clever little sketch from a funny British comedy duo about Miss Moneypenny and her obnoxious friend James.

  • Filmmakers Bleed: North by Northwest Review

    It’s time for a blast to the past today with a Hitchcock classic, North by Northwest (hereafter abbreviated as NNW). #40 on the AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movies top movie list, it’s held in high regard as one of Alfred Hitchcock’s best and also is credited with being “the first James Bond film,” by some due […]

  • Filmmakers Bleed: Casino Royale

    I can still remember the buzz behind Casino Royale when it came out last year. It was supposedly a reboot of the James Bond universe, a revisit to his origins and a way to bring the movies closer to their source material, the Ian Fleming novels. It wouldn’t have been the first franchise to do […]

  • Embedded Reporter/Game Overview: Daniel Floyd on Sex in Videogames + Editorial

    Deep from the trenches, it’s time for your Monday video feature: Embedded Reporter. Here’s a pretty interesting lecture about sex in videogames. Enjoy! It’s sad that we have to deal with the gratuitously stupid brand of sexual immaturity that game developers just love to throw our way, but I don’t see it all disappearing, even […]