Month: September 2011

  • The Films of Ridley Scott [ER/FB]

    Yet another great video by Kees van Dijkhuizen. Scott’s filmography is almost too robust for such a short video, but this is definitely a great montage nonetheless

  • Evan Longoria and An Amazing Night of Baseball [WMQ]

    What an amazing night! Wow, that was fantastic! I was just on the edge of my seat all last night… My evening began with the final Marlins game of the year against the Nats. It was the end of an era, really. The Florida Marlins are technically no more (they’re officially no more on 11 […]

  • The Race Gets Tight! [WMQ]

    In case you not baseball folks don’t know, the Tampa Bay Rays season all boils down to today. At best they go to the playoffs. At worst they stay home. In the middle is a one-game playoff against Boston. Just to break it down further. Best case: Tampa Bay beats the Yankees, Boston loses to […]

  • House of Lies [IB/ER]

    I already love everything about at least half this cast. Don Cheedle from everything, Kristen Bell from Veronica Mars, and Ben Schwartz from Parks and Recreation. Can’t wait for January.

  • What I’ve Been Doing 26 Sept 2011 [FB/IB/F/BT/GO]

    It’s fitting that I watched a movie about baseball considering how much baseball I also watched this weekend. Had to watch to support the Rays. They’ve got three games to make up a one game deficit. You can do it, Tampa Bay! Movies Moneyball – Not too bad at all. We’re not talking “the best […]

  • It’s Jake. From State Farm. [ER]

    Yep, this is my new favorite commercial.

  • Abby Wambach: Queen of Headers [WMQ/ER]

    Headers are really bad for your head, but Abby Wambach is really good for America. Good to see Team USA continuing their streak of being awesome.

  • Gears of War 3 Campaign [GO]

    Yesterday I did two stupid things. When I started up my Public Arcade mode campaign I enabled “Scavenge Mode” (or whatever the mutator is called), which forces players to scavenge for ammo rather than find it littered about in ammo crates. Then, around midnight when I was hovering around Act IV Chapter 5 I thought, […]

  • Status Report: Gears of War 3 [GO]

    Hey guys, Gears of War 3 is really good. I’ve only played the first act in Arcade mode and ~20 waves of the new Horde mode, but it’s awesome. Arcade Mode I really like the addition of the score/kill tracking in arcade mode. It makes things extra interesting and adds that nice competitive edge to […]

  • The Subtle Art of Deconstruction [FB/GO/BT]

    Colonel: Raiden, turn the game console off right now. Raiden: What did you say? Colonel: The mission is a failure. Cut the power right now. Raiden: What’s wrong with you? Colonel: Don’t worry, it’s a game. It’s a game just like usual. Rosemary: You’ll ruin your eyes playing so close to the TV. Raiden: What […]