Status Report: Gears of War 3 [GO]
September 21st, 2011 by Dan

Gears of War 3

(Courtesy csullens)

Hey guys, Gears of War 3 is really good.

I’ve only played the first act in Arcade mode and ~20 waves of the new Horde mode, but it’s awesome.

Arcade Mode

I really like the addition of the score/kill tracking in arcade mode. It makes things extra interesting and adds that nice competitive edge to the cooperative proceedings. I fixed my NAT this morning to allow me to host so that I could pick Mutators too. These are modifiers, like the skulls in Halo, that allows you to change the game subtly. There are two ones available right away: one that forces ammo scavenging instead of allowing ammo drops, and one that makes enemies fire like headless chickens when they die.

I can’t wait until I unlock the Laugh Track. I think that would make Gears even more hilarious to play.

Four player campaigns make a huge difference. Having three other dudes around allows them to make things even more chaotic and crazy awesome. I don’t think you can do four player local, but that would be sick. I want to be able to play this game with Ian and Min

Horde Mode

The new Horde mode has you earning money that you use to upgrade defenses and buy weapons. Guess what, guys? It’s awesome. It’s just so much fun to kill these relentless waves of enemies (thank god it’s not all Tickers like it was for me and Min when we tried it in GoW2) and try to survive. The boss waves every ten rounds are pretty brutal. We had to face two Berserkers in the first boss wave that just decimated us. Our second boss wave at 20 had a Lambent Berserker, which is only vulnerable at certain times. He was tough!

It’s been lots of fun and I can’t wait to play some more when I get home today.


At first I thought I’d be playing multiplayer games as Anya all the time…until I realized that the new character, Samantha Byrne, was voiced by Claudia Black (she played Chloe in Uncharted 2) and was super awesome. New multiplayer avatar selected!

4 Responses  
  • Min writes:
    September 21st, 201111:58at

    Is there a make peace with the locust mode? I think that would promote a more positive message.

    • Dan writes:
      September 21st, 201112:51at

      There’s no making peace with the Locust or the Lambent!

      Do you want to come over and play this weekend?

      • Min writes:
        September 21st, 201114:53at

        Can’t this weekend. =( Paper deadline on the 3rd, so maybe the weekend after that.

        • Dan writes:
          September 21st, 201116:02at

          What’s really more important here?

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