Month: July 2010

  • StarCraft 2 – Early Impressions [PC]

    Like everyone else in the world right now, I’m playing StarCraft II, but I’ve been too busy to get too far into it so I’ve only got a few impressions. – I love the new Adventure Game mission structure. It’s great to have these conversations with members of the crew to flesh out the mythology. […]

  • Stupid Injuries [Wednesday Morning Quarterback]

    So last night I went to Nationals Park explicitly to see Strasburg face off against Heyward and the Braves. Mere minutes before his start, they announce that Miguel Batista will make the start instead. This is as thousands of fans were still flowing into the park being duped into thinking the tickets they were buying […]

  • Matt Garza No-Hits the Detroit Tigers! [WMQ]

    It took the Rays 2038 games to make it happen, but they finally notched their first no-hitter since the team’s inaugural season in 1998. That’s right, it’s been 2038 games, the team has had three no-hitters completed against them within the past two seasons, and they finally made it happen in a year where no-hits […]

  • The Wonderful World of TANG [Embedded Reporter]

    Last year Ryan Davis of Giant Bomb debuted a video feature in which he watched every game-to-movie adaptation and reviewed it in video form, usually highlighting ridiculous scenes and how bad the movie actually was. I’m pretty sure that all the Uwe Boll addled his brain, but he’s nonetheless come back to This Ain’t No […]

  • Dead Rising 2, New Challengers for SSFIV?, and Liara’s Return [Game Overview]

    Dead Rising 2 is coming. It’s on the cusp of releasing this summer and I can’t wait. While the official date has been pushed back to late September, those interested in getting their zombie killing on will be able to pick up Dead Rising 2: Case Zero next month. Case Zero is meant to bridge […]

  • Mayer Hawthorne [Feedback]

    Many apologies to Tumblr followers who have already heard this song, but I kind of have a thing for long cut videos and hot chicks in bikinis. This song has convinced me to buy his album and this video captures the perfect old time summer song qualities of the single. I love it. Mayer Hawthorne […]

  • The End is Nigh [Wednesday Morning Quarterback]

    We’ve hit the point of the season where teams are starting to know whether or not they’re gonna make it. Teams like the Marlins, Nationals, and Mariners have to realize by now that the playoffs aren’t in their futures, but other teams, like the Rangers and Padres are realizing that they’re in this thing. What […]

  • Dragon Quest IX and Inception [GO/FB]

    What a weekend! It started with a craving to see Inception on an IMAX screen and was filled with slime and questing. Some quick words on both. Inception I don’t think it has quite enough to supplant The Dark Knight as my favorite Nolan film, but it’s certainly up there with his best work. The […]

  • Not Quite ER, But Still Persona [Embedded Reporter]

    Jeff Gerstmann and Vinny Caravella venture back into the world of Persona, not to start a new Endurance Run, but to give a taste of what the PSP Persona 3 remake is like.

  • Boycotting Bad People [FB/BT/WMQ]

    Just last week it happened again. A high-profile celebrity revealed what a dirtbag he was in the most public way possible and it brings up the same question it always does. Am I supporting his/her ideologies by supporting their art? Am I a bad person by proxy? Back around when The Passion of the Christ […]