Dragon Questing V Part IV [GO]

Pankraz is dead. Madalena is alive.

Prince Harry and Dan are still in Ladja’s clutches. What sinister plan does he have for the poor boys? The story continues ten years later. Dan and Harry were sold into slavery and have been spending the past ten years building a temple for some cult. At this point I started to realize that Dan’s life pretty much sucks. Harry fills Dan in on the details of the past ten years and it seems that it’s been pretty bleak. The guards all seem to imply that once the temple is completed (soon) there will be a slave massacre. Still, Dan and Harry don’t make much trouble…until Maria gets herself in trouble with some of the guards. Dan and Harry have too much honor to allow her to be abused, so they get into a scuffle with the guards and end up killing them. It turns out that one of the other, nicer guards is Maria’s brother and he knows that death for all three slaves will be the inevitable result of Dan and Harry’s insubordination, so he allows Dan, Harry, and Maria to escape from the temple in a barrel.

The three arrive at Heaven’s Above Abbey, thankfully safe despite their ocean journey. Certain things start to happen at this stage in the game to emphasize the new theme of the second part of the game. Harry seems to express feelings for Maria and the various people you speak to in the world will comment to the player about the virtues and joys of marriage. Random NPCs will tell Dan that he should be thinking about settling down. Dan and Harry are on a mission though, so they decide to head for their hometowns.

In an unsurprisingly depressing turn of events, it turns out that Whealbrook has been destroyed. The reason: Prince Harry’s disappearance caused the Queen of Coburg to unleash her wrath against the city, destroying the whole place. Is Sancho gone? Who knows…Dan’s house was burnt down years ago. He does find out that Panrkaz left something important in the nearby cave, so he heads down there to discover what’s up down there.

It turns out that Pankraz was searching for the Legendary Hero in order to venture into Nadiria, the dark realm. The hero needs the Zenithian equipment, which Pankraz was also searching for. So far he’s only obtained the sword, which he leaves for the hero. Dan and Harry head for Coburg after learning what they need to go. Who are we kidding though, Dan is totally the Legendary Hero. Why are we still searching?

Long story short, the Queen is an impostor and since Prince Harry disappeared, Wilbur became king. Wilbur is clearly being manipulated by the devious Queen. Harry and Dan reveal that she’s a monster and kill her. Harry finally declares his love for Maria and marries her. The game seriously starts assaulting Dan with the marriage message. Harry thinks that all this wandering leads to no good and he just wants to live his life as the adviser to his brother Wilbur. You know that you can’t do that, so you continue on without Harry, your sole companion for the past ten years. The game is trying to tell you something here as it forces you to transition from the person you were most close to. As a grown man, shouldn’t you be finding a wife?

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  1. Eric Mesa Avatar

    The game seems to be channeling a combination of biblical Joseph and Moses in the early part of this blog post.

    1. Dan Avatar

      Battlestar Galactica used to have this quote that I might be butchering that went something like, “All this has happened before, and all this will all happen again.”

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