You Never Forget Your First Time #1: Super Mario Brothers


Join me, Eric, in my new video game series where I try and remember what it was like to play games from my youth for the first time. Our exciting first entry, Super Mario Brothers.


4 responses to “You Never Forget Your First Time #1: Super Mario Brothers”

  1. Dan Avatar

    I can vouch for the being scared of Bowser as a kid. That music is stressful and creepy, even though it probably sounds hokey to kids nowadays.

    Happy to have more great content on the site.

    1. Eric Avatar

      I’m glad you are happy with the content. I think my next planned entry in YNFYFT will also bring back a lot of memories for you. Next up, however, I think will be the first entry in Replaying My Childhood in which I attempt to finally defeat the King Koopa!

      Man, when I eventually get to the Koopa Kids in SMB3, it’ll be weird now knowing they aren’t Koopa’s kids.

    2. Eric Avatar

      As I wrote in the youtube comments, I think there’s even more reason than just the music:

      “King Koopa’s also legitimately scary in this entry. You can’t touch him or you die. If you happen to make it to him with fire flower power it’s not so bad, but that’s hard with all the rotating fireball blockers. By SMB3 you can step on the Koopas. In SMW he’s literally in a clown copter and you kill him by throwing robots at him. And by Mario 64 you’re grabbing his tail and throwing him. I think SMG is the first time he’s legitimately scary again. “

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