What I’ve Been Doing 9 Oct. 2012 [FB/IB/F/BT/GO]

Pitch Perfect -0
I love a capella so there was zero chance I wouldn’t see this (Photo courtesy lissamabcd)

Thanks to the long weekend this is posting a little later than usual. I also jammed a ton of TV in this week thanks to all that extra time.


The Guard – Irish movie about an Irish policeman who is one of those curmudgeonly old man types. Funny, but ultimately not that substantive. Worth seeing if you’ve got a free afternoon.

Pitch Perfect – I loved most of the music in this movie and I always enjoy Anna Kendrick on the silver screen. Mostly I found myself impressed by how well she inhabited her role. The other two movies I saw her in, Up in the Air and 50/50, had her in a much more professional, trying to be respected role. Here she’s aged back to 18 and everything about her performance reflects that. Good, fun stuff. Go see it.


SNL Weekend Update Thursday – Kind of unnecessary. Barely any politics either.

Up All Night – Not digging the new setup. The new brother character is just not that interesting. I did laugh at the trapeze part in the most recent episode.

Glee – Knocking Tremé is not cool. “Celebrity Skin” not that good. The election episode was so boring. The breakup episode, on the other hand, had a lot more emotion and a lot more going for it. Dug it a lot more.

NTSF::SD:SUV: – The time slide episode was so good that everything afterwards has been a bit disappointing. The SDCC episode was meh as was the Dragon Shumway redux.

Childrens Hospital – Ladies Night! Man, Lake Bell is hot. This show is consistently hilarious/awesome.

Homeland – Danes seemed off early in the episode, but that’s probably intentional since her character is supposed to be off her rocker. Loved the way that Damian Lewis is playing this. As for the plot, this season is shaping up to be very cool. Liked the way they pulled Danes back in and I liked the father/daughter bonding over Islam.

Tremé – The included murder mystery doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the show, but everything else is going well. Nice and slow-paced.

Sherlock – That Reichenbach Falls episode was SO GOOD! I wonder if Moriarty is actually dead (Sherlock isn’t!). Hard to see where the next series goes from here, but that was astounding. It didn’t have the same pounding pressure as Moriarty’s time-limits from last series, but it was still quite tense and fun. Loved the part where Moriarty was pretending to be an actor.

Key & Peele – Not as good as the season premiere, but I really enjoyed that dubstep sketch. Also dug the Luther sketch and the concept of the guy who had to follow MLK’s speech was funny, but it wasn’t executed particularly well.

The Mindy Project – You know what? This show is a lot funnier than some critics are giving it credit. Mindy Kaling has a really sneaky sense of appalling humor that really works. I think this is my favorite new show I’ve seen (so far).

Four Weddings – Sometimes your girlfriend watches stuff that you don’t want to.

Giuliana and Bill – See above…The worst part here is that she thinks this show is dumb too! There just wasn’t anything else on worth watching.

Halloween Wars – Another Food network thing. This has got the Cupcake Wars crew, but they’re carving pumpkins and making Halloween scenes. It’s ok.

How I Met Your Mother – Caught the first two episodes of the season. I’m still kind of bummed that Victoria isn’t the mother. She was the original plan if the show had been canceled. I like her.

30 for 30 – “Broke” wasn’t as good as the other documentary I saw, but I still dug it. This series is worth checking out.

The Daily Show – I’m glad that Stewart went and eviscerated Obama for his debate performance because it was shameful. Not a bad week of episodes.

Parks & Recreation – Two words: Lucy Lawless. Please and thank you.

Saturday Night Live – A lot of bad sketches in this episode, but I did like the lesser known Bond girls one. Daniel Craig can do better? Was it the material?


The Pokemon Reorchestrated project is coming out with fully licensed reorchestrations of Pokemon game music. Pretty cool stuff, if you ask me.


After the Quake – Murakami really likes writing about Jehovah’s Witnesses. I really enjoyed “All God’s Children Can Dance”

Video Games

New Super Mario Bros. 2 – I was wrong. There are way more hidden worlds than I realized and they’re pretty fun. Liking this game even more.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy – I technically “beat” the game, but there’s tons more content to enjoy.

Professor Layton and the Last Specter – This series reminds me of Detective Conan. One of the puzzles really stumped me. I’m dumber than I thought I was, haha.

Pokemon White – Wanted to catch the last few legendaries I was dilly-dallying on. Got that done before 2 arrived.

Pokemon White Version 2 – The package here has gotten so much sharper from year to year, but the nearly identical mechanics keeps a lot of people away. I’m playing with a Nuzlocke Challenge: Defeated pokemon must be permanently retired, you can only catch the first pokemon you see in an area, and, one of my rules, you must use pots to heal. Only one pokemon center visit per town. So far I’ve lost a Patrat permanently in my gym battle with Roxie. Tragic stuff.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Just started it this morning. Played two missions. Loving it! Look for a Dan Plays series to start soon.


7 responses to “What I’ve Been Doing 9 Oct. 2012 [FB/IB/F/BT/GO]”

  1. Ochoa Avatar

    You weren’t kidding about extra time!

    Agree with you on glee…
    Love up all night, current problem: the second season doesn’t have the same feel to it… humors changed a bit.
    The mindy project…. my new addiction for the season.
    Whats four weddings? and treme?
    How i met your mother… i too like her… they’re messing around too much now with these stories dawgnabbit.. or however thats supposed to be spelled/said
    the daily show always good rarely fails to amuse me.
    Are you not watching partners or the new normal or guys with kids?
    a part of me is tired of 30 rock (sad to say)
    parcs and rec. jajaja you funny

    and i do watch these on ma free time… aka 3 am after i’m done with work.

    1. Dan Avatar

      Yeah, right? Mindy Project is awesome. I like that Mindy Kaling keeps her slightly awkward humor from The Office here too.

      Four Weddings is a reality tv show where four brides attend each other’s wedding and rate them. The winner wins a honeymoon. It’s…not my kind of TV show…

      Tremé is David Simon’s followup to The Wire about Post-Katrina New Orleans. It’s nowhere near as plot-driven as The Wire, but it’s got lots of awesome jazz music.

      This week’s How I Met Your Mother was pretty meh too…

      Not watching Partners or The New Normal or Guys With Kids. They didn’t have good buzz in the offseason so I haven’t checked them out.

      Who doesn’t think Lucy Lawless is hot?

      1. Ochoa Avatar

        I have a girl crush on Rashida Jones… FULL THROTTLE CRUSH.
        Four weddings=boring as hell and morally wrong to ruin such an occasion with ratings
        I’ll stick to the wire.
        You’ll be surprised but i never got into the office… maybe because i have yet to have an office to understand. soon soon…
        Any movies i should look out for with the international delay?

        1. Dan Avatar

          I have a man crush on Rashida Jones. She’s awesome. Fun fact: she’s also Quincey Jones’ daughter.

          Movies…hmm…all the stuff on the horizon I’m excited about are here (http://nothingtothetable.com/archives/4304), but I guess off the top of my mind, The Five Year Engagement was funny. The French movie on that list (English title: Rust and Bone) might actually be out in France (or have been out already).

          1. Ochoa Avatar

            five year engagement was wonderful! a little drawn out but my heart smiled. Rust and bone? french name? I”m looking forward to seeing Le Magasin des Suicides :) I wish it had subtitles for you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFgT0sEqrso

            1. Dan Avatar

              Rust and Bone’s French title = De rouille et d’os

  2. Ochoa Avatar

    ohhhh…. thats a heavy one. i haven’t seen it .. came out a while back to like march or something

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