What I’ve Been Doing 16 April 2012 [FB/IB/F/BT/GO]

In Front of the Bellagio
It looks photoshopped, but I promise it wasn't!

I didn’t do much this week, but cut me some slack, man! I was in Las Vegas!




Mad Men – My thoughts on the last episode are here, but it’s a safe bet to say that I love this show and this season has been great so far.


Ha! Nope. Should have on the plane…


This is actually a pretty cool video:

Can’t believe I still haven’t picked up “El Camino”

Video Games

Devil Survivor 2 – Had a dicey moment against the Day 3 bosses where I thought I would have to start over. Pulled through, but then left my DS in the hotel. Thankfully Lee recovered it. Thanks Lee!

Dragon Quest IV – Played this for a half hour on the flight home on Min’s DS. I’m not in love with the accents in the first chapter, but I like the multi-character story structure.


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