PA on GoW 2 Dialogue [You Can Quote Me On That]

Here’s what Tycho has to say about the dialogue in Gears of War 2:

Still. There is a point at which “the rookie” says there are a shitload of grubs down there. Marcus Fenix corrects him, suggesting that there are, in fact, “Ten Shitloads.” I want to grant that Gears of War takes place on the planet Sera, where Shitload may be a genuine unit of measurement – but that’s dumb, and this line is dumb, and the people speaking are idiots, and they live in a world of dumbshits where stupidity of a form of currency.

I love it. Check out Penny Arcade if you want more webcomic goodness.





2 responses to “PA on GoW 2 Dialogue [You Can Quote Me On That]”

  1. Eric Mesa Avatar

    awesome! I love when they talked about that on

  2. Dan Avatar

    GoW has the stupidest, most testosterone-laden dialogue and people seem to eat it up. I guess that’s just the world we live in =p

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