Griffey Retired: Yesterday’s Scores That Matter [WMQ]

Ken Griffey Jr. (1997)

Ken Griffey, Jr.’s retirement was overshadowed by the perfect game controversy of the same day. I just wanted to take a few moments to state that he had an amazing career that should be honored. It’s a shame to see him out of the game, but I’m so glad he played.

03 June

No games.

Baltimore Orioles (3) at New York Yankees (6). When you put David against the Goliath that is C.C. Sabathia and the Yankees, you should expect this, not the Biblical outcome. The Orioles record is now 15-39.

Washington Nationals (4) at Houston Astros (6). Capps gives up a walk-off home run partly thanks to a blown catch by Guzman. A tough loss for the 26-29 Nationals to swallow.

Milwaukee Brewers (2) at Florida Marlins (3). Josh Johnson pitches yet another gem to keep the Marlins in third place with their 28-27 record.


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