Super Ichiban Travel Blog Part XVIII: Homeward Bound [II]

A blurry shot of the terminal from Japan on the day I left.
A blurry shot of the terminal from Japan on the day I left.

Wow, what an early morning it was. Up at 0430 to finalize my packing and get ready to leave, we made our way to the train station around 0515 to catch a train back to Tokyo leaving at 0600. It’s brutal getting up that early and we even had to wait a while for the station to open at 0530. Along the way I spotted some great Engrish that makes sense when you initially read it, but when taken literally seems like an ominous warning by a secret, evil lobby.

Paid for by the Citizens Against Cyclists in Sendai
Paid for by the Citizens Against Cyclists in Sendai

Once we got back to Tokyo Station, it was a routine trip back through the station to the airport shuttle to head home. The international check-in terminal had a super long line and customs took a while to get through, but I was finally at the gate about to leave the country that had been my home for the past 2.5 weeks. Boarding was bittersweet, of course. I was ready to go home, but still longing to see more baseball in Nippon.

There’s not much more to say about the trip home, I’m sorry to say, so this is going to be a pretty short one. I did get a chance to eat a final, amazing curry meal as the flight served fantastic seafood curry.


Wait, I lied, there is one more thing worth mentioning. I pulled up a subtitled movie called Oppai Volleyball that had a rather interesting, very Japanese plot. It was about a group of perverted middle school boys and their ambitious teacher. The boys were in the volleyball club, but they never played and all they really did was think about and talk about girls. When she was put in charge of the club, she found it hard to motivate the boys and promised anything to them if they would just ganbare. Their condition: she must show them her boobs if they win just one game. Anyway, that was the premise and it was a pretty funny movie, to boot. The highlight would have to be the amazing, slow-motion beatdown that the best team in the area dishes on the boys as they lose their big game. It’s nice to see that sort of thing subverted, especially since it would be statutorily wrong.

After not sleeping at all on the flight, I was pretty exhausted on the way back home, but I soldiered on and tried to stay awake until it was a normal time for this time zone to snooze.

Sorry it was so short and unsatisfying, but stay tuned for the post-trip epilogue and jersey specials later in the week.





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  1. Eric Mesa Avatar

    Too bad it’s so short, but this amazing post series comes near an end. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your trip to Japan and living vicariously through you. q;o)

    Hopefully now we can get to the end of Dragon Quest!

    1. Dan Avatar

      Well, we’re almost done with Mesa Quest, so I’m sure I’ll get right back on that horse in a few entries.

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