Dragon Questing V Part XII [GO]
August 20th, 2009 by Dan

Well I wrote this already once, but the internet managed to lose it thanks to some internet problems. So here we go again. When we last left Dan, his children and Sancho had just discovered his statued form face down, the world going to hell all around him. I can’t even imagine what it must have felt like for Dan to see Sancho roll up with what could only be his children eight years after their birth.

I’ve gotta say, I felt pretty emotional seeing Dan’s children and Dan finally meet for the first time. Dan learned right away that Dave was able to wield the Zenithian Sword given to Dan by Pankraz all those years ago. It might be a bit premature to call Dave the Zenithian Hero right now, but I’d say his chances are pretty high. The happy family returns to Gotha to regroup. Dan still has a mission.

His attempts to protect his children are quickly thwarted, they are going with their father to save their mother. Dan’s protests are met by the ironclad argument that Dan used to adventure with Pankraz when he was the same age as Dave and Rebeca. Heading out to the field with Dan’s children in his party bookends the gameplay themes from the very beginning of the game. Dave and Rebeca may not be as weak, offensively, as Dan was back at the start of the game, but he’s certainly a lot sturdier than they are, a reflection of his age and experience (way to co-opt the mechanics to prove your point yet again Horii!) compared to that of his children. It’s a clever way to finally make the abstractions of levels and experience finally really mean something where they typically don’t in these games.

The next stop for our heroic family: Helunaptra. They’ve got that Zenithian Helmet and I have a sneaking suspicion that it might fit Dave.

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