Wednesday Morning Quarterback: Overexposed, But Maybe Over Soon
Oct 29th, 2008 by Dan

You’ve probably heard the saying that hindsight is 20/20 on Monday morning, so just imagine how well I can call ’em two days later on Wednesday. That’s right, it’s time for Wednesday Morning Quarterback, your weekly sports round-up.

The World Series and the onslaught of new video games has mostly prevented me from being able to stay on top of any other sport but baseball. Unfortunately, that leaves me mostly at a loss for content today.

Be sure to tune in for the last three innings of Game 5. If the Phils pull a win, the series is over. If the Rays manage to win, we’re still on. Go Rays! I’m not done with baseball yet.

Grand Slam: World Series History
Oct 28th, 2008 by Dan

After a disappointing Game 4 loss, the Rays knew they had to make something happen in Game 5. Unfortunately, Kazmir did what Kazmir does and he managed to give up two runs in the first inning straight away to Shane Victorino (Kaz has given up 8 runs in the first inning this post season).

So the Rays were down 2-0 for a while until Peña and Longoria did what they’re supposed to do. The both of them had gone a combined 0-30-something this World Series, but this time they managed to get on base and Longoria batted in Peña. 2-1

It’s raining pretty hard at this point, the 6th inning, but BJ Upton manages a single anyway. After Cole Hamels takes three years to keep trying to pickoff BJ at first, Upton steals second with Peña up to bat and two outs. Then Peña does what he’s supposed to do and gets a single that knocks in Upton. 2-2.

At this point it’s been raining ridiculously hard for about an inning and a half. There’s this peculiar rule in baseball that some of the uninformed might not know. If the home team is up and 4.5 innings have been played (or the visiting squad and five innings), then a game is official and it can be called a win at that point. Bud Selig probably should have called the Phillies game before the sixth, but how would that look for the World Series to end on a rain delay cancellation? Instead he let the players soldier on and once the Rays tied it up, he called it, since no one can complain about one team getting the unfair advantage. The result: World Series history. No game has ever been suspended for a day due to rain, so the Rays and Phillies will finish what they began yesterday…TONIGHT! And interrupt House…damn…but also awesome cause the Rays are still in it.

Grand Slam: Game 3
Oct 25th, 2008 by Dan

Game 2 went precisely how I wanted it to, which leaves today’s matchup, Garza vs Moyer, particularly big and important. It’ll probably be the coldest, temperature-wise, game the Rays have ever played, for one. There’s also that alarming statistic about dome-teams having a hard time beating non-dome teams in the postseason that needs to be proved wrong.

The big important points for the Rays:

-Score early
-Help Garza manage the Phils and keep them off of base.
-If previous fails, hope Garza doesn’t give up a home run
-Stop letting the Phils get into scoring position. They may be 3-28 or some ridiculously low number like that, but this is baseball and they’ll start performing when you least expect or need it.

If they can manage that, I’ll be a happy camper watching the game from a bar somewhere in DC tonight.

Grand Slam: World Series Game 1
Oct 23rd, 2008 by Dan

We’ve reached the home stretch for the baseball season, so those of you who get bored of reading about baseball should only have a few more days left.

Game 1 did not go quite as well as I’d hoped, with the Rays losing to the Phillies 2-3 in a game that was well-pitched by both sides, just a little better by Hamels. Kazmir’s loss was sealed more or less early in the game after an Utley 2-run blast in the first and a Carlos Ruiz infield RBI that brought in Shane Victorino. He didn’t allow anything else, but the damage was done.

Which brings me to my next point: Kazmir in the post season is not as great as he is in the regular season. He’s given up too many homers and the Rays can’t necessarily deal with this against the Phillies. We’ll see what happens tonight!

Unrelated Note: I’m so pumped for the KOTOR MMO!!!

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