Quick Look: Rhythm Heaven Fever [GO/ER]
Feb 17th, 2012 by Dan

Rhythm Heaven Fever is the best game I’ve played on the Wii in a while. So much fun! I keep forcing myself to try and play it slower so it takes longer to finish all the games. Such a great game!

Chrono Trigger Endurance Run! [GO/ER]
Nov 28th, 2011 by Dan

Were you thinking, “Boy, I wish Giant Bomb would do another Endurance Run so that my life could be complete yet again…”? Well worry no more! Ryan Davis and Patrick Klepek are ER-ing Chrono Trigger, one of my favorite games of all time. Oh man, I hope they name Crono “Charlie” or “Tunoku” or something like that, but that might just be a Vinny thing. Enjoy!

Day 2! [GO/ER]
Dec 29th, 2010 by Dan

The DLC category took a whole hour of podcast time to resolve! Enjoy another day of quick summaries.

Giant Bomb’s Game of the Year Awards [GO/ER]
Dec 29th, 2010 by Dan

It’s the end of the year and that means that the Giant Bomb guys are putting out their Game of the Year awards. This video summarizes their deliberations which can be heard in full on their podcast while also highlighting Starcraft II, the PC game of the year.

The Giant Bomb Guys Play Dance Central [GO/ER]
Nov 9th, 2010 by Dan

I want to try this game so much, but I don’t want to buy the Kinect.

Civil Service: The Road to Civ V [Embedded Reporter/GO]
Aug 9th, 2010 by Dan

Ryan and Vinny take a look at the recent history of the Civilization series and show a little bit of Civ V as well.

Not Quite ER, But Still Persona [Embedded Reporter]
Jul 19th, 2010 by Dan

Jeff Gerstmann and Vinny Caravella venture back into the world of Persona, not to start a new Endurance Run, but to give a taste of what the PSP Persona 3 remake is like.

NSMBW Ends Friendships [Embedded Reporter]
Nov 16th, 2009 by Dan

Deep from the trenches, it’s time for your Monday video feature: Embedded Reporter.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii came out yesterday to the delight of many who missed old school Mario adventures and were looking for a chance to relive the fun of the old days with their family and friends. It also shipped with a 4-player mode that I’m convinced will end friendships, break up marriages, and devastate any other relationships you might have. Just one person acting like a jerk (hint: it was me) in the 3-player matches I played with Eric and Danielle was enough to have her swear off of the multiplayer modes, so imagine four people going nuts.

Oh, wait, you don’t even have to imagine. Watch the Giant Bomb crew go from 0 to pissed at each other as Ryan makes a mess of their attempts to get through the game for this quick look.

The End of the Endurance Run [Embedded Reporter]
Oct 12th, 2009 by Dan

Deep from the trenches, it’s time for your Monday video feature: Embedded Reporter.

And were back to the ER after a long time So long, in fact, that I missed the final episode of the Persona 4 Endurance Run. It was a good run and I absolutely loved the series. I can’t wait to see what the Giant Bomb folks do to follow up on this. Farewell Charlie Tunoku.

Get Persona 4!

P4ER142 [Sony]
Sep 1st, 2009 by Dan

The Endurance Run fuses yet again to take on the murderer!

Get Persona 4!

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