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  • 2011 in Music [F]

    Thanks to last.fm, I can tell you what my personal favorite music of 2011 has been! Top 10 Artists of 2011 1. The Beatles (1,156) I’d say the number of tracks in my collection that are by The Beatles or by the Rx Bandits far outweighs the number of other tracks. It’s not a coincidence, […]

  • The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger Tiny Desk Concert [F/ER]

    Sean Lennon and his girlfriend Kemp Muhl are The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger. I like their sound. Very cute and understated and he reminds me of John in a lot of great ways. I mean, that “Thank you very much” after “Jardin Du Luxembourg” had me thinking he was John for a second. […]