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  • Dragon Quest IX and Inception [GO/FB]

    What a weekend! It started with a craving to see Inception on an IMAX screen and was filled with slime and questing. Some quick words on both. Inception I don’t think it has quite enough to supplant The Dark Knight as my favorite Nolan film, but it’s certainly up there with his best work. The […]

  • Mother 3 Review [Big N]

    Ruminations on video games as an art form – this could very well become a Mother 3 review. There will be spoilers here. Seriously, don’t read it if you want to play Mother 3 and not have the plot spoiled. There’s a trite comparison that floats around the internet almost every month that always gets […]

  • The Best Movies of the Decade [Filmmakers Bleed]

    In no particular order… Memento (2000) Guess what readers, this post is more or less one giant love letter to Christopher Nolan. With the exception of Insomnia, this list contains every movie the man’s directed since Memento (NOTE: Insomnia is not bad, it’s just not best of the decade caliber). Memento does what Christopher Nolan […]

  • Insomnia Review [Filmmakers Bleed]

    I’m a huge Christopher Nolan fan, but I somehow missed out on his third movie, Insomnia, back when it came out in 2002. Now that I’ve seen it, I can now say that I’ve seen all but one Nolan movie, the sole movie that escapes me being Following, which he made in 1998 and is […]

  • Dark Knight, MGS5 [Filmmakers Bleed/Game Overview]

    The Dark Knight I saw The Dark Knight twice on Blu-Ray this week and after three viewings, this movies still undoubtably holds its own as the best movie in the summer and even fits into my top five of all time. What Christopher Nolan did with this movie was incredible, creating a superhero movie that […]

  • Uncat: Back!

    Well readers, I’m finally back from Florida where my friends are getting married and so I thought I’d let you know a little bit about upcoming coverage on the site. While I was down in Tampa I managed to get myself out to a Rays game against the Tigers courtesy of my younger brother. I’ve […]

  • Grand Slam: The MLB All-Star Game

    This will be in a sort of liveblog fashion. First off, let me state that I hope we’ll get a NL win this year, I’m so tired of seeing the NL lose to those AL jerks… Lineup announcements: Slight cheering in the NL until they reach Mets players, then booing. How great is that? In […]