Mr. Digital: iPod Touch
Apr 17th, 2008 by Dan

So my iPod Video decided that my right ear was incidental, so it stopped transmitting sound to my right headphone, unless I applied pressure is some sort of arcane, randomly determined direction at all times. Lucky for me, since I got it pre-owned off of eBay, I put a SquareTrade warranty on it, so they will cut me a check to replace my old iPod.

With said money being more than half the cost of an iPod Touch, I forked over the cash to pick up a brand-spanking new iPod touch. Let me just say that it is awesome. Here’s the Pro/Con breakdown


-Sleek, small, sexy
-Flash memory instead of a hard drive
-Connects to the internet through 802.11
-Touch screen interface is totally intuitive and works well
-If you do Jailbreak your iPod Touch, you can update in Amarok via 802.11 and scrobble while listening and a connection is present. Otherwise, scrobble data is stored and uploaded when network resources do become available
-Tons of neat little things you can do with it, especially if you Jailbreak it


-POOR LINUX COMPATIBILITY (when not Jailbreak-ed)
-Hard to impossible to adjust volume and skip tracks without seeing screen
-Unless you have magically oil-less fingers, you will smudge the glass screen to all hell
-Apple SDK is not out yet, so you have to Jailbreak the iPod for now to download third party software and interface with Linux

I don’t know if it’s too subtle, but my main gripe is said lack of Linux support at the moment. God knows Apple’s never going to waste its time adding Linux support to their product just to appease a computing minority, but why do they have to radically change their systems so that they no longer function or interface with old software? Until I either Jailbreak my iPod, Amarok comes out with better Touch support, or the SDK fixes things, I can neither easily scrobble tracks or even use Amarok to interface with my iPod. Instead, I have to use the one piece of software that I loathe, yet deal with as a necessary evil as rarely as humanly possible: iTunes.

Everything else is great though. Great sound output, internet capability, easy e-mail checking of Gmail, Google Maps integration, and the usual video, music, and picture capabilities. My recommendation: worth a purchase, especially now that there’s a 32 GB model available.

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