Wii U [GO/ER]
Jun 8th, 2011 by Dan

Project Café now has a “real” name, kids: Wii U. The video above will explain just what it is while simultaneously confusing the hell out of you with respect to just what this thing is.

I have a lot of faith in this idea. It’s ridiculously cool and it could have tons of potential, but I’m just scared that, despite its ability to handle the current generation of games, it’s going to be left in the dust as the competition shifts generations too. I guess I don’t have to worry about that until 2012 (EDIT: good catch, Dave), but that’s my only real Wii U concern. All I want now is to be able to play it already.

EDIT: Actually, my biggest question has to do with the system’s online capabilities. Will Nintendo hamstring the system again or will it open up like Microsoft and Sony?

VP of Realistic Movements [ER]
Mar 25th, 2010 by Dan

Kevin Butler is at it again making not-so-subtle jabs at both the Natal and Wii. I love these commercials.

VP of First Person Shooter Relations [Sony]
Jan 22nd, 2010 by Dan

Man do I love these commercials.

Multi-Part ER [Embedded Reporter]
Oct 26th, 2009 by Dan

Deep from the trenches, it’s time for your Monday video feature: Embedded Reporter.

We’re back to everyone’s favorite day of the week: Monday. This week I’ve got a few selections for you to watch and enjoy.

First on the agenda is the latest in my favorite ad campaign in a long time, the Sony VP of [Insert VP Title Here] ads.

I really hope this ad campaign sticks around for a while, it’s the first time that I think Sony’s really “got” it. Too often their ad campaigns are unnecessarily arty, bizarre, and alienating. I’m sure the idea behind those campaigns was to get people thinking about the product to look it up themselves, but it’s really more effective to have a solid, funny, VP of Epic Footage to help sell the system.

I really hope Han shoots first…

Our next video comes from a really awesome fan project:

Star Wars: Uncut Trailer from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

In case you didn’t understand or didn’t watch the video, the idea is that each fan will get to film his or her own interpretation of any scene in Star Wars and the project will then cobble together all of the results into a full version of Star Wars. It’s a brilliant idea. This is why the Internet was invented. Wow…that’s kind of a depressing thought, isn’t it?

I think power is getting to his head

We here at I Bring Nothing to the Table love a lot of things made more awesome by the virtue of us loving them. In that vein I bring you the latest in a series that we have always vigorously promoted, Auto-Tune the News.

I really have no idea what Chavez is doing there, but it seems like too much power is going to his head. In other Chavez-being-strange-related news, it’s kind of awkward to say that you “smell hope,” but maybe that awkwardness comes from my mostly English, partly Spanish brain not recognizing the phrase.

It looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen…

Now, I’m not typically one for rap and hip-hop nowadays, but this video is great. I even kind of like the song too.

Sneaking it in…

Oh? What’s this video here? I didn’t even notice it join the crowd. Well, we may as well show it, right?

This Tuesday the demo goes live to pre-orders. I can’t wait to get my hands on it, I’ve already pre-loaded the demo on to my hard drive.

P4ER112 [Sony]
Jul 21st, 2009 by Dan

Looks like Charlie and the gang are working on their social links with the shrine Fox. Fishing is boring in this game, it’s true.

Get Persona 4!

Pew Pew Pew [Game Overview]
Jul 3rd, 2009 by Dan

Insert another credit, because it’s time for your weekly video game news and you’ve just hit the Game Overview screen.

The most amazingly adorable Mega Man ever.

Sweet Brothers Art

Ever wanted to see some great renditions of the Mario Bros.? Well, BAM!


It’s kind of old news, but here’s a neat way to use an old SNES to connect to a PC and play your carts on an emulator.

SNL Hilarity

Ever wonder what a game based on a depressing drama would be like? Wonder no more.


Daniel Floyd, with Leigh Alexander’s help, has put out a new video! Check out “Video Games and the Female Audience”

Red, White, and Blue!

The Fourth of July is tomorrow! If you love Little Big Planet and you love America, you’ll no doubt love the new Sacktue of Liberty Sackboy skins to celebrate your love for both.

Blizzard Gets Chilly with Audience

Do you love to play Starcraft at LAN parties? Too bad! According to Kotaku, Blizzard has decided to completely remove LAN support from Starcraft II.

I understand why they’re doing this. They’re trying to curb piracy. No doubt you know tons of people who totally pirated a copy of Starcraft or Warcraft 3, so now this cuts out one of the major draws, since players will have to connect to Battle.Net to play other people.

There’s also the fact that Battle.Net is ad-supported. Guess what you don’t see when you play a LAN game? This is one of the best ways to completely milk all of the money that they can out of Starcraft.

The one downside: super-low latency games will now be impossible.

I usually have so much goodwill for Blizzard, but this reeks of Activision. I don’t like it and I think it’s an awful idea. I’m not mad enough to not buy the game, but this is definitely uncool. Online petitions are pretty dumb, as I’ve said before, but feel free to sign!


There’s been a developing situation on the Internets involving the Ero-Game industry in Japan. Again, according to Kotaku, due to the controversy over RapeLay, an increasing number of Japanese H-Game developers are blocking any and all foreign IP addresses from accessing their websites. This seems like a rather drastic response to the recent threats of legislation upon their industry that have resulted from an increase of sexual crimes in Japan coupled with poor international press from the rest of the world.

I can see where Japan is coming from here in trying to insulate themselves from the rest of their world that doesn’t “get” their hentai games, but I really can’t support segregation on the internet.


Sony seems to have patented a software emulation technique to run PS2 software on non-PS2 compatible PS3s (thanks again Kotaku!)

Too Hard? Just Cheat!

Is Guitar Hero too hard? Here’s a control that will play the game for you!

New FF

Kotaku reports that a new Final Fantasy side story is coming to the DS. Story details are light at the moment, but I’m definitely supporting all of these DS games by Square Enix.

That’s all for this week!

Bold Words [Game Overview]
Jun 26th, 2009 by Dan

Insert another credit, because it’s time for your weekly video game news and you’ve just hit the Game Overview screen.

They have to cut the price, because if they don’t, the attach rates are likely to slow”, he continues. “If we are being realistic, we might have to stop supporting Sony…When we look at 2010 and 2011, we might want to consider if we support the console – and the PSP [portable] too.

Those words were uttered by Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision, last Friday and made huge waves in the gaming world. For the big boss man of the largest video game company in the world to try and throw his weight around like this is certainly surprising.

Everyone agrees that the PS3 is too expensive. It’s a topic covered on almost every podcast and Sony knows it’s what everyone wants. Still, their console is expensive to make and someone in their company thinks that price must not be the limiting factor in their sales. Then again, the recently announced PSP Go was priced at $250, proving that Sony might not quite understand that pricing a new portable at the same price as the Wii (and higher than the Xbox 360 Arcade SKU) might not be the best choice to launch a system reboot.

I can honestly say that no huge publisher has tried to make such a statement as this. For Activision to outright threaten to stop supporting the system and essentially hold Sony hostage is huge. Will they ever make good on this promise? That’s where things get hazy. It’s clear that they must make more money on the platform than it costs to develop for it, otherwise they wouldn’t do it. So it would seem like a stupid business choice not to develop on the system. No, I’m pretty sure that Activision, the new Evil Empire, is simply trying to garner goodwill from gamers. “Hey guys, look at us, we want you guys to be able to buy this system for cheaper. We’re the good guys!”

After that suit over Brütal Legend, all I can say is you don’t fool me Activision.

P4ER92 [Sony]
Jun 23rd, 2009 by Dan

Yesterday Vinny and Jeff defeated the freakiest boss in the game: the giant baby that creates a giant robot to hide in. High on their victory, the investigation team decides to have a cook-off in Charlie Tunoku’s house. Turns out Charlie’s the only one who can cook.

The gang decides to hit up the festival on 20 August and the killer has been caught. What will happen in P4? Is this truly the end?

P4ER91 [Sony]
Jun 22nd, 2009 by Dan

Yep, way to go guys…they totally made me look like a moron on Friday predicting that they’d fight the boss with their mention of giant robots.

Instead they grinded up a bit. Today they fight the boss of Void Quest. Will they be able to conquer him?

P4ER90 [Sony]
Jun 19th, 2009 by Dan

Vinny and Jeff finally reached the final boss to the Void Quest yesterday, but stopped short of entering to save the grinding and eventual confrontation for today.

As someone who lost to the Void Quest boss a good two or three times, this could be interesting.

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