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  • The 2009 MLB All-Star Game [Wednesday Morning Quarterback]

    It’s time for Wednesday Morning Quarterback, your weekly sports round-up. It’s that time of year again, the MLB All-Star game is upon us! Last night was the Home Run Derby and, despite being in his team’s stadium, Albert Pujols did not quite manage to make it to the third round. Instead the final competition was […]

  • Grand Slam: World Series Game 1

    We’ve reached the home stretch for the baseball season, so those of you who get bored of reading about baseball should only have a few more days left. Game 1 did not go quite as well as I’d hoped, with the Rays losing to the Phillies 2-3 in a game that was well-pitched by both […]

  • Grand Slam: LDS Day 2 Results

    What a great day for baseball yesterday was! Boston had a bye today (lucky them and lucky Beckett), the Rays and Evan Longoria made franchise history, and the NLDS races are starting to look a bit more one-sided. We start in Philadelphia with the Brew Crew putting its faith in C.C. Sabathia to even out […]