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  • The Mariners Have Creative Ad Men [WMQ/ER]

    Your browser does not support iframes. I love the punch line in the impressions one (I LOVE ICHIRO!). The other great one is this riff on Rocky: Your browser does not support iframes.

  • The 2010 Season in Review [Wednesday Morning Quarterback]

    Another season is now behind us and the playoffs begin this afternoon at 1330 EST in Tampa Bay. How did I do in my projections? Who do I predict for the World Series? Let’s check it out! AL East My guess: Yankees Rays Red Sox Orioles Blue Jays Actual Results: Rays Yankees Red Sox Blue […]

  • The End is Nigh [Wednesday Morning Quarterback]

    We’ve hit the point of the season where teams are starting to know whether or not they’re gonna make it. Teams like the Marlins, Nationals, and Mariners have to realize by now that the playoffs aren’t in their futures, but other teams, like the Rangers and Padres are realizing that they’re in this thing. What […]

  • The 2010 MLB All-Star Game [Wednesday Morning Quarterback]

    It’s All-Star game time again! This year the game is being played in sunny Southern California, down in Anaheim. Thanks to the peculiarities of baseball scheduling and the east coast focus of television, the game is actually being started in daylight hours, 1700 PST. The liveblogging experience of the year is about to begin yet […]

  • I’m With Teddy: The Weekend Scores That Matter [WMQ]

    No, I didn’t go see the Nats this weekend, but I did finally upload this picture. 14 May NPB Rakuten Eagles (8) at Hiroshima Carp (7). Knowing how badly the Eagles have been so far this season makes this worse. I want the Carp to win! MLB Cleveland Indians (1) at Baltimore Orioles (8). My […]

  • ICHIRO!: Yesterday’s Scores That Matter [WMQ]

    Went to the Orioles game last night to see King Felix and Ichiro play the Orioles. It was a great game (I’ll get into that later), but we were super amused by the fact that Ichiro’s name was listed on the All-Star ballot for the Home Run Derby. Ichiro? The Great Singles Hitter (TM)? At […]

  • Failure to Sweep: Yesterday’s Scores That Matter [WMQ]

    The Marlins can’t quite lock down the sweep against the Cubs, but a series win is still more than they’ve done in recent history. 12 May NPB Off Day MLB Washington Nationals (6) at New York Mets (4). Tyler Clippard wins yet another as the Nats pull ahead into sole possession of second (again) with […]

  • Winning Again: Yesterday’s Scores That Matter [WMQ]

    I listened to about half of the Marlins at Cubs game in Spanish to get some practice. It’s surprising how much I was able to understand easily despite not really knowing much about baseball in Spanish. My favorite part: the center fielder is translated as central gardener. 11 May NPB Off Day MLB Seattle Mariners […]

  • I Need a Beach Vacation: Yesterday’s Scores That Matter [WMQ]

    Yesterday’s scores are brought to you by the warm beach weather that I crave and the letter ‘M’. NPB Off MLB Atlanta Braves (2) at Washington Nationals (3). Scott Olsen throws a near no-hitter as the Nats win yet another series pushing them to a tie for second with their 15-13 record. San Francisco Giants […]

  • Lopsided Victory: Yesterday’s Scores That Matter [WMQ]

    The Lions went and slaughtered my precious Golden Eagles, leaving them with something to think about over the next two off days. It was not a great day for my favorite baseball teams. 05 May NPB Rakuten Eagles (3) at Seibu Lions (19)! The Lions really dished out some punishment. Rakuten is still miraculously in […]