No Controller, No Wires, No Worries [ER]
Dec 2nd, 2010 by Dan

Mega 64 and Rooster Teeth have teamed up for Season 3 of the RT Shorts and Episode 1 is pretty great.

Frag Dude [Embedded Reporter]
Sep 7th, 2010 by Dan

Warning: This video cannot be unseen.

Bloopers [ER]
Jul 9th, 2010 by Dan

Fake blooper reel, but at least it’s content, alright! The bigger move items should be done soon and I will be able to return to a normal posting schedule by next week.

He’s Practically a Planeteer [Embedded Reporter]
Jun 21st, 2010 by Dan

Another week means another Rooster Teeth short that will annoy Eric because it auto-plays on my webpage. This, my favorite RT short so far, covers the oil spill.

Still So Behind: RT To Compensate [ER]
Jun 17th, 2010 by Dan

I’m still super behind on my posting, so today you get a bonus Rooster Teeth Short to bide your time. This one is probably my second favorite episode (so far) this year, so be sure to watch it.

New Employees [Embedded Reporter]
Jun 14th, 2010 by Dan

Rooster Teeth has been growing, but can they sustain the growth?

Trap Door [Embedded Reporter]
Jun 7th, 2010 by Dan

Who hasn’t wished they had a trap door? Yet another great Rooster Teeth short.

RT Shorts Have Been Back! [Embedded Reporter]
Jun 1st, 2010 by Dan

I totally forgot yesterday was Monday, so I’m just gonna post this like usual. So the Rooster Teeth guys, they make hilarious live action videos and they made a whole season of them last year. I’m about five weeks late to the party, but the videos are back! I seriously love these things. All their work on Red vs. Blue has given these guys amazing comedic timing and their exaggerated personalities make for great shorts. I’ll keep posting these as they come out.

Pixels and Immersion [Game Overview]
Apr 9th, 2010 by Dan

One of the best video game shorts I’ve seen in ages. Poor NYC.

Here’s another great vid by the Rooster Teeth folks.

Bonus ER: Blur [ER]
Aug 24th, 2009 by Dan

Had enough of Embedded Reporter? Too bad, you’re getting more videos today. Here’s another great Rooster Teeth short.

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