BCS Championship Game [Embedded Reporter]
Jan 12th, 2009 by Dan

Deep from the trenches, it’s time for your Monday video feature: Embedded Reporter.

Ah! The BCS Championship Game was so good. 24-14! Check out these great highlights and scoring plays from the game, it’s just like having watched the game!

Pre-Game [WMQ]
Jan 7th, 2009 by Dan

I can barely contain my excitement for this final game between the Sooners and the Gators. Yesterday was spent mostly reading about the matchups and looking at game projections for who was going to win this game (I also found a guy who writes a Tuesday Morning Quarterback column, but I think he writes about college ice hockey, if I remember properly).

Because I read mostly Gator-oriented articles, I find myself feeling more and more that a Gators win is probable or possible. In fact, I’m super glad that the Gators seem to have a bit of underdog status again thanks to Bradford getting the Heisman and OU being more vocal than UF. This is part of what helped us beat the Buckeyes two years ago.

So who will win? I’m not totally sure. I haven’t seen the Sooners play any football this year, but I’ve seen plenty of Gator football. It’s vitally important for a Gator win for the offense to be spread beyond Tebow and Harvin. Having to cover four weapons is way better than knowing which two will get the ball more often than not. Should UF do this and should Tebow have lots of powerful momentum moving forward, we’ll see a Gator win. I think we can do it and I hope we get it done tomorrow night.

And We’re Back [WMQ]
Jan 6th, 2009 by Dan

Break is over and I should be returning to a more regularly scheduled format for this week’s blogging. Hope you’ve all had a happy New Year!

I know it’s not Wednesday, but I think it’s fair to call this a football category too, so bear with me on this. Last night was the conclusion of yet another bowl game for OSU and yet another night of disappointment for the Buckeyes. It was so close to being a victory for them, that it almost hurts to talk about. A controversial, but ultimately right spotting put the Longhorns into a great position to take the ball in with under thirty seconds left to put them ahead of the Buckeyes at the last possible moment. Crisis could have been averted with a field goal, but the Buckeyes got an untimely sack and didn’t have the time to manage any comparable last minute heroics.

So where does this leave the BCS? I have to admit, I was hoping for a Buckeyes win to make the Big 12 look bad. That upset would have been disheartening for a Sooners squad about to face off against the Gators this Thursday. Then again, how can I be unhappy about a criminally overrated OSU team being beat, yet again, on the national stage? I guess it comes to a point though where it’s no longer funny, it’s just sad. Three BCS bowl games ago OSU was the strong favorite against the Gators. They’ve lost every big-name, major game since that year against out of conference teams, if I’m not mistaken. This includes losses against USC, LSU, and Texas, all admittedly good teams, but most supposedly worse teams. One has to hope that some of these results will call into question the BCS ranking system, but we all know that instead it will be used to call into question Jim Tressel’s ability to win in the big game. That’s too bad, we desperately need reform in the BCS system. Would it really kill the players to have a playoff system? Have each conference send their top teams to compete for the national title? It makes it a bit more difficult to organize, but I think it’s fairer.

Oh man…I can’t wait for the Gators game on Thursday!

BCS Championship! [Wednesday Morning Quarterback]
Dec 10th, 2008 by Dan

You’ve probably heard the saying that hindsight is 20/20 on Monday morning, so just imagine how well I can call ’em two days later on Wednesday. That’s right, it’s time for Wednesday Morning Quarterback, your weekly sports round-up.

Yeah, yeah, I know I just said that this feature might go on hiatus until spring, but how can I ignore the Florida Gators making it, once again, to the BCS Championship Bowl game?

The Gators won an amazing victory against the previously undefeated Alabama Crimson Tide last Saturday, even with the significant handicap of not having Percy Harvin healthy and on the field. The team’s other players, especially QB Tim Tebow really stepped it up and showed Alabama what Florida was made of. They may have had a strong third quarter with a lead, but Tebow silenced all doubters and moved himself to top Heisman consideration with an incredible fourth quarter in which UF dominated Alabama.

Unfortunately, we have to wait a whole month (!) for the final showdown between the Gators and the Sooners due to a ridiculously nonsensical NCAA schedule that keeps the action out of our television sets until the first of [too] many bowl games begins on 20 December.

That being said, the real question is this year’s BCS game, luckily set in Dolphin Stadium, giving the Gators a virtual home field advantage. Will they be able to dominate the Sooners? Will it be close? Be sure to tune in for the final game on 8 January to find out!

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