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  • Two Shows: Wild Flag and The Civil Wars [F]

    I doubt that I could attend two more different shows than when I saw Wild Flag and The Civil Wars last week in DC. One was loud, raucous, and distorted while the other was quiet, pure, and crystal clear. Shockingly, given my predilection for loud, upbeat shows, I actually preferred The Civil Wars. Wild Flag […]

  • What I’ve Been Doing 12 Sept 2011 [FB/IB/F/BT/GO]

    Movies The Wrong Side of Town – Danielle’s parents were watching the tail end of this terrible wrestler movie. It was pretty awful, so I read a Batman comic instead of paying that much attention. TV Top Gear – Two of the guys bought used luxury sports cars for under £10k and they plan to […]

  • The Civil Wars Tiny Desk Concert [F/ER]

    This is kind of old, but it’s still pretty good. The Civil Wars in a Tiny Desk Concert, folks. Enjoy!

  • Gaby Moreno Tiny Desk Concert [F/ER]

    NPR’s Alt Latino has revolutionized my music space and I love it. I get all kinds of acts that aren’t even mainstream in the Latino community, like Gaby Moreno, who has a stellar voice (she really flaunts it in the third song). Enjoy.

  • The Civil Wars Cover of “Billie Jean” [F/ER]

    Yeah, this happened a looong time ago, but I only just heard it during NPR’s coverage of the Newport Folk Festival and I fell in love with The Civil Wars.

  • Raphael Saadiq with “Stone Rollin’” [F]

    NPR does it again by turning me on to the funky sound that Raphael Saadiq effortlessly pumps into my eardrums. Enjoy.

  • November: Hip Hop Animosity No More [Fukubukuro]

    I stopped listening to hip hop back in 2003. If you asked me then, I’d probably say that it stopped being any good around then. Reality probably aligns more closely with a teenage counter-culture attitude that started to manifest not long after I hit my Junior year of high school. I’m not complaining too much; […]

  • My 2010 in Music [Feedback]

    Thanks to last.fm, I can tell you what my personal favorite music of 2010 has been! Top 10 Artists of 2010 1. The Beatles (989 listens) The re-release of the entire catalog reinvigorated my love for The Beatles as I more thoroughly explored their catalog and loved songs I’d never realized were by the Fab […]

  • The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger Tiny Desk Concert [F/ER]

    Sean Lennon and his girlfriend Kemp Muhl are The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger. I like their sound. Very cute and understated and he reminds me of John in a lot of great ways. I mean, that “Thank you very much” after “Jardin Du Luxembourg” had me thinking he was John for a second. […]

  • April Smith And The Great Picture Show in DC [Feedback]

    At the age of 24 I fear that I’m approaching an age too old for going to the shows of bands I love. With that in mind, I’ve resolved to catch as many as I can over the next year or so before I become the creepy old guy in the back who can actually […]