Fall [Wednesday Morning Quarterback]
Sep 15th, 2010 by Dan

Home Run Celebration - Florida Marlins at Philadelphia Phillies 17 April 2010

It's not over yet, but we're getting close

It seems that fall is rapidly approaching, despite my fiendish plot to seize control of the planet’s weather with my mind. With the change in the climate comes a change in sports programming. Back for two weeks is college football while the NFL opener was played over the past few days as well. Baseball no longer holds the brunt of the spotlight, but I guess that’s not all bad.


Since I started this blog the Marlins have never been in serious contention for a playoff spot, but the Rays always have. This year is no different. Tampa Bay seems a lock for at least the ALDS while Florida is scrapping for third and to possibly play spoiler to Philadelphia or Atlanta.

The season isn’t over yet, so (hopefully) expect more coverage until the last out is made in the World Series.

NCAA Football

Despite winning both games, the Gators are among the weakest looking top ten BCS teams this year. It’s entirely possible that John Brantley will have a much better season than he’s had so far, but these are definitely not the Tebow years.

Will they defeat Tennessee this week? I’m not really sure…


For literally the first time in my entire life, I actually sat down to watch a Dolphins game this past weekend. I only got to half time before I had to start heading back home to MD, but I didn’t want to miss getting the chance to gloat about the victory in my Bills fan friend’s face. Will this start a trend? Maybe…

Wow, A LOT Has Happened [Wednesday Morning Quarterback]
Jan 6th, 2010 by Dan

I’m pretty sure that I haven’t mentioned anything about the NFL this year, which I find hilarious, considering that I use a modified football saying as my sports category. Now’s as good a time as any to talk about it, I guess, since the regular season is over. As far as the playoffs go, I’d like to see the Ravens advance to the Super Bowl, but that’s just because they’re the local team. If we’re lucky, we’ll also get to see Brett Favre face-off against the Green Bay Packers (and hopefully knock them out) too in this postseason. Beyond that, I haven’t paid enough attention to the NFL this year to really care one way or another.

While I’m talking about football, I also haven’t talked too much about the Gators, who handily won their bowl game 51-24. It was Tim Tebow’s final game for UF and I’m excited to see where he ends up in this year’s draft class.

Again, let’s keep the subject on football, only to mention that I’m actually glad that the USA is in the same pool as England for the World Cup. One victory against the Queen’s team would be enough for me to make fun of Phil for the rest of my life. If Team USA can knock them out of the World Cup, I’d die a happy man, even if they were to lose every match afterward.

Beyond that, I’ve mostly been focusing on baseball (no surprise there!) in both the USA and Japan. A lot of huge moves have gone on so far, most notable among them Matsui leaving the Yankees for the Angels, but the other big move (to me) was the whole Cliff Lee/Roy Halladay trade involving Philadelphia and Seattle (and Toronto and Oakland (I think)). After seeing Cliff Lee absolutely dominate the Yankees in the World Series, it makes nearly zero sense to see the Phillies trade him away, but Halladay should be a fully adequate (and scary) replacement for the team that will most likely top the NL East yet again. Seattle also gets their hands on one of the finest pitchers in the league which should allow Wakamatsu to make a real move against the Angels who lost a lot of pitching and some offense this off-season.

In Japanese baseball news, the Seibu Lions drafted the best pitching prospect, Yusei Kikuchi, who should be ready to start tossing for the team as early as next year. Whether or not he appears in relief in 2010 is an interesting question.

My team, the Carp, avoided picking Kikuchi to go mostly for pitching, getting some of the best talent left in the pool. Their season was looking up until they lost one of their aces, Colby Lewis, to family issues stateside. It will be interesting to see if they can actually finish this season in the top three this year as they haven’t reached a Japan Series since 1991. They’re the team most removed from their last league championship and last Japan Series victory, so they’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Man, I miss baseball season. Hurry up April!

SportsCenter 03 April 2009 [WMQ]
Apr 3rd, 2009 by Dan

Put me down as someone who hates Basketball highlights. Really, what’s all that interesting about a dunk? Sometimes they get the highlights right and have spectacular shots or blocks, but dunks in general aren’t all that interesting.

That being said, the two-balls-at-once dunk in today’s top 10 was pretty cool. For my money, though, the top play of the past few days was today’s #1, featuring a falling goal in ice hockey.

Baseball’s mostly winding down, but hopefully we’ll see the game return to top 10 this Sunday or perhaps web gems will start appearing.

The clip is below, enjoy!

BCS Championship! [Wednesday Morning Quarterback]
Dec 10th, 2008 by Dan

You’ve probably heard the saying that hindsight is 20/20 on Monday morning, so just imagine how well I can call ’em two days later on Wednesday. That’s right, it’s time for Wednesday Morning Quarterback, your weekly sports round-up.

Yeah, yeah, I know I just said that this feature might go on hiatus until spring, but how can I ignore the Florida Gators making it, once again, to the BCS Championship Bowl game?

The Gators won an amazing victory against the previously undefeated Alabama Crimson Tide last Saturday, even with the significant handicap of not having Percy Harvin healthy and on the field. The team’s other players, especially QB Tim Tebow really stepped it up and showed Alabama what Florida was made of. They may have had a strong third quarter with a lead, but Tebow silenced all doubters and moved himself to top Heisman consideration with an incredible fourth quarter in which UF dominated Alabama.

Unfortunately, we have to wait a whole month (!) for the final showdown between the Gators and the Sooners due to a ridiculously nonsensical NCAA schedule that keeps the action out of our television sets until the first of [too] many bowl games begins on 20 December.

That being said, the real question is this year’s BCS game, luckily set in Dolphin Stadium, giving the Gators a virtual home field advantage. Will they be able to dominate the Sooners? Will it be close? Be sure to tune in for the final game on 8 January to find out!

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