Assorted Youtube Vids [ER]
Aug 27th, 2011 by Dan

First a few of Laura Shigihara playing game music. A note about the Mario 2 one, she arranged it when she was eight. EIGHT!

This next one is a TF2 moment of mine that I’m particularly proud of:

Laura Shigihara Wants You Gone [ER/GO]
May 18th, 2011 by Dan

Laura Shigihara sings an a cappella version of Portal 2’s ending theme, “Want You Gone”. If you haven’t beat P2 yet, I recommend you don’t watch it.

Shigihara Plays “Frog’s Theme” [F/GO]
Apr 11th, 2011 by Dan

It’s always a pleasure to listen to Laura Shigihara play piano. Listen as she improvises “Frog’s Theme” on piano.

“Zombies On Your Lawn” [Embedded Reporter]
Jun 28th, 2010 by Dan

I dare you not to laugh your ass off to Laura Shigihara singing “Zombies On Your Lawn”. Go ahead.


“Loonboon”. More Plants vs. Zombies [ER]
Mar 26th, 2010 by Dan

Another great short video showing Laura Shigihara playing one of her PvZ songs.

Plants vs. Zombies “Graze the Roof” [ER]
Mar 24th, 2010 by Dan

Laura Shigihara, composer for Plants vs. Zombies, plays the roof level theme in this youtube video.

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