The Beatles: Rock Band Bundle [GO]
Apr 14th, 2009 by Dan

The Beatles: Rock Band was announced not long ago, but with a hefty $250 price tag that had many wondering just what was going to be in the box to make it worth that much.

According to Kotaku, the game will be shipping with lots of nice, band-relevant instruments. The bundle includes:

The Beatles: Rock Band game
Höfner Bass controller
Ludwig Rock Band drums with classic pearl finish, metal kick petal, and replica drumheads
Microphone with a stand
and apparently “additional special content”

I’m holding out to find out what this additional content is supposed to be, cause $250 is a LOT of money for what is otherwise just the same instruments I’ve already got with Beatles branding on them. I don’t even know what I’d want it to be though. Remastered Beatles CDs? Naw…

I would like the ability to transfer my songs into Rock Band 2 though. That would be pretty sweet.

Zombies in Best Buy? [Sony, M$]
Mar 4th, 2009 by Dan

Everyone’s favorite controversial, borderline racist game, Resident Evil 5, is about to hit stores, but the Best Buy in Stroudsburg, PA is not satisfied with just a midnight pre-order pickup. Oh no, they’ve pulled out all the stops to create a store-wide zombie invasion.

Not only will the store itself be a haunted house, complete with scientists and zombies, but the US Army will be showing up complete with blanks-firing, but otherwise bona fide M16s, which sounds like a TERRIBLE idea, but still, it should be interesting.

The ante has been upped even further though, with viral videos exposing the backstory of the event being posted online.

I really hope this event is a success, cause it would be great to have all sorts of huge premiere events at retail instead of boring queues.

(Sourced from three Kotaku articles)

Next week we’ll have the return of WMQ with some WBC and Spring Training news!

Rick/Robo Roll [Embedded Reporter]
Dec 8th, 2008 by Dan

Deep from the trenches, it’s time for your Monday video feature: Embedded Reporter.

I’m sure there’s no real conspiracy here, but I’d just like to point out that Robo’s theme and Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” sure seem to be very musically similar. The composer, Yasunori Mitsuda, had never even heard of Rick Astley before asked about it and I’m inclined to believe him.

Anyway, unfortunately embedding was disabled on this video (and all variants I found) so you’ll have to click the link to get there.

You can also click this link to read the Kotaku article.

Can you tell I’ve been playing Chrono Trigger DS?

Embedded Reporter: Super Mario World!
May 12th, 2008 by Dan

Deep from the trenches, it’s time for your Monday video feature: Embedded Reporter.

I know it’s not technically embedded on this page, but you must go and check out this link I got from Kotaku to watch the absolute greatest Super Mario World clip you will ever see. I’m not kidding, this is a MUST WATCH.

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