The Films of Christopher Nolan [FB/ER]
Nov 25th, 2011 by Dan

Kees van Dijkhuizen gets to my favorite director in his “The Films of” series. These movies are truly astounding and I can (and have) watch them endlessly. Nolan is a true auteur.

The Films of Tim Burton [ER/FB]
Oct 29th, 2011 by Dan

Tim Burton is my least favorite director that everyone seems to love. I don’t know why, but every time I see his name I roll my eyes in frustration. It’s a weird personal problem, I know. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying Kees Van Dijkhuizen’s fantastic work as he continues his “Films of” series.

The Films of Pixar [FB/ER]
Jul 30th, 2011 by Dan

Kees Van Dijkhuizen does it again with The Films of Pixar. I love this series. Keep it up, Kees!

The Films of David Fincher [FB]
Mar 26th, 2011 by Dan

keesvdijkhuizen continues his series highlighting the films of the directors he loves. David Fincher is a particular favorite of mine, directing a couple of my favorite movies (Fight Club, The Social Network) and many more that I’ve yet to see, but hear are great (Benjamin Button, Seven).

If you like this video, be sure to check out keesvdijkhuizen’s videos on Sofia Coppola and Danny Boyle.

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