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  • Cinema 2012 [FB/ER]

    My favorite part of the year has returned! Yes, Kees van Dijkuizen’s year-end megacut of the year’s movies has debuted once again. Enjoy!

  • Cinema 2011 [FB/ER]

    Every year since 2009, Kees van Dijkhuizen makes one of these movie montages capturing sequences from every movie released that year. They’re regularly among my favorite end of the year compilations and I anticipate each one greatly. Enjoy yet another fantastic compilation: Cinema 2011.

  • The Films of Christopher Nolan [FB/ER]

    Kees van Dijkhuizen gets to my favorite director in his “The Films of” series. These movies are truly astounding and I can (and have) watch them endlessly. Nolan is a true auteur.

  • The Films of Tim Burton [ER/FB]

    Tim Burton is my least favorite director that everyone seems to love. I don’t know why, but every time I see his name I roll my eyes in frustration. It’s a weird personal problem, I know. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying Kees Van Dijkhuizen’s fantastic work as he continues his “Films of” series.

  • The Films of Ridley Scott [ER/FB]

    Yet another great video by Kees van Dijkhuizen. Scott’s filmography is almost too robust for such a short video, but this is definitely a great montage nonetheless

  • The Films of Guy Ritchie [ER/FB]

    Kees van Dijkhuizen has become my favorite person to follow on Youtube. His latest in the “Films of” series focuses on English director Guy Ritchie, whose films taught me that Englishmen can be scary gangsters too. Hope you enjoy the vid as much as I did.

  • The Films of Pixar [FB/ER]

    Kees Van Dijkhuizen does it again with The Films of Pixar. I love this series. Keep it up, Kees!

  • My 2010 in Music [Feedback]

    Thanks to last.fm, I can tell you what my personal favorite music of 2010 has been! Top 10 Artists of 2010 1. The Beatles (989 listens) The re-release of the entire catalog reinvigorated my love for The Beatles as I more thoroughly explored their catalog and loved songs I’d never realized were by the Fab […]