What I’ve Been Doing [FB/IB/BT/GO]
Jul 18th, 2011 by Dan

Cloud Cosplay Otakon 2010

San Diego Comic-Con is coming up this week, so I thought I'd make this week's post some cosplay

San Diego Comic-Con is upon us and for once I actually read comics. I’m excited to learn about Marvel’s new December event, but, in the meantime, here’s what I’ve been up to.


Out of Sight – Steven Soderbergh’s Elmore Leonard adaptation was a pretty solid flick and about the only thing I’ve ever seen Jennifer Lopez do a fantastic job in. George Clooney turned in a great performance playing his usual role as well. Worth watching for their intriguing chemistry. Love noticing the similarities to other Leonard works like Justified (he loves him some US Marshals, huh?)

Role Models – Decent comedy. Nothing to write home about. I liked it well enough, even if Jane Lynch’s role is a little tired. Also funny to see Ken Jeong before he’d fully developed what’s become the Ken Jeong character. I also really like Elizabeth Banks in anything. She’s funny.


The League – FX’s comedy about fantasy football is reliably funny most weeks and laugh out loud funny on occasion. I started watching it thanks to commercials during It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and I’m returning to S1 since it’s on streaming. Always interesting to see the actors figuring out the characters before they have a real feel for it and also neat to see how pilot sets differ from real sets. A nice half-hour distraction.


FF – This month’s Inhumans origin story was lukewarm to most readers I know, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of them and I’m intrigued by where Hickman is going with this origin.

The Red Wing – Hickman’s new mini-series shows promise with a premise about wars fought across time. Could be neat.

Amazing Spider-Man – I found the writing in this to be juvenile and a little too “explain-y” for my tastes. You have art and pictures, use expressions and subtlety to do your work, please!

Avengers vs. New Ultimates – The end of this mini resulted in (Ultimate) Spider-Man dead and Nick Fury put back in charge of SHIELD. Too bad. I liked Carol Danvers a lot more. I worry that this is to have Fury in place when the Avengers movie comes out next year.

Ultimate Fallout – Bendis gets busy setting up the universe for the Reborn relaunch. Spider-Man’s funeral is a tear-jerker and the book has promise. Best thing is its weekly status. Can’t wait for book 3 to find out who the new Spider-Man will be.

Video Games:

Left 4 Dead (1 & 2) – David finally built himself a new PC which means he can finally play modern shooters with me! We started our co-op experience with lots of Left 4 Dead. We finished all the campaigns in the first game and now we’re working on 2. I’ve been reminded of just how spectacular these two games are and how much fun Left 4 Dead was. Good times.

Torchlight – Finished the main game. Now it’s just kind of grinding for the other achievements and for loot’s sake. I worry that this game is gonna tire me out too much for when Diablo III comes out, but then I remember that Diablo won’t be out until 2012, at the earliest, and I breathe much easier.

Portal 2 – A little co-op with the hermano. Good stuff, even if he smashed me with some giant, movable blocks. Can’t wait for some dlc maps…

Team Fortress 2 – The surprise entry this week. I played for 12 hours this weekend and had a real blast. The Strange Weapons have been the coolest draw for me since they level up as you “feed” them with kills. So much fun. Played a lot with Eric too, which is nice. I don’t think I’ve played an FPS with him for that much time since we played Goldeneye. What a blast.

What I’m Watching [IB]
Mar 18th, 2011 by Dan

7/365 - laziness

Been watching lots of TV lately. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been on the box this week:

30 Clubs in 30 Days:

MLB Network continues its annual preview of all 30 MLB teams this year like it has for the past two. This time we’ve got slightly fancier tech for showing off prospects in studio and a neat little postcard thing at the end to summarize their feelings about the team, but not much has changed (and I’m ok with that). Coverage of the Florida Marlins airs on Saturday, but I’ll be down in DC watching Maz Jobrani do his thing. Thank god for DVRs.


The much anticipated(?) debut of Glee‘s original music happened this week at Regionals. I’ve been on record as saying that there’s nothing worse than Glee doing original songs. Realistically, all I mean is that the songs will not be anywhere near as good as (many) of the songs they already do on the show. Turns out that I was right. See, the problem with the songs that they seriously wrote to perform (as opposed to the funny reject songs) is that they are machine-built (so to speak) to appeal to the mass market (read: tweens). They are unoffensive, but unimpressive and kind of trite. Kind of reminds me of High School Musical, but a little better.

On the licensed music front, I did love Kurt singing “Blackbird”. Aside from the terribly ham-fisted implementation of “Imagine”, Kurt has received the honor of singing Beatles songs in Glee (the only other one would be “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, but still) and I liked the implication that “ITtHYH” was a connection that Kurt shared with his dad that might have also led to a love of The Beatles. This could just be idle speculation, but we’ll see if my Kurt-sings-songs-by-The-Beatles-because-of-his-dad hypothesis rings true the next time a classic Beatles tune makes it into the show.


When I saw the first episode of this show I remember being somewhat unimpressed with the love interest characters they’d introduced for Raylen. Since then Ava and Winona have so charmed me with their characterization, acting, and Southern accents that I can’t remember ever thinking that they weren’t right for the part.

It’s easy to dismiss Justified as a “hillbilly redneck show” that would hold no interest over viewers not from the South, but I’m hooked. FX has certainly started some sort of cable network TV renaissance and I’m definitely grateful

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