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  • E3 2012 – Lost Planet 3 [GO/ER]

    I really dig the everyman personality that the protagonist seems to have. Not to mention that I’ve been really sweet on Capcom games since RE5 and Dead Rising 2.

  • Captivate 2011 Brings Great News [GO/ER]

    The big announcements for me to come out of Captivate 2011? Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and SSFIV Arcade coming to home consoles. DR2: Off the Record Frank West returns in a bizarre alternate retelling of the events of Dead Rising 2. Originally meant to be a director’s cut of the first game, the […]

  • 2010 in Video Games [GO]

    As is typical of me, I played a ton of video games this year. Here’s a listing of what I played along with a few short (or long) words on each game. For the most part, this list is restricted to games released in 2010 unless I did not play them until this year. It’s […]

  • Dead Rising 2 Impressions [GO]

    Dead Rising, how I’ve missed you. You first charmed my heart in Willamette, Colorado along with Frank West’s camera, your punishing save system, immense difficulty, and utter insanity. Within the first two minutes of actual gameplay, you can bet that I died. I fell in love right there. Oh, Dead Rising. Now you’ve returned with […]

  • Dead Rising 2! [ER/GO]

    Enjoy Ryan Davis and Jeff Gerstmann’s Quick Look of Dead Rising 2!

  • Hilarious Dead Rising 2 Trailers [ER/GO]

    I haven’t figured out a way to embed these videos yet, but you have to go to Kotaku and check out these hilarious Dead Rising 2 commercials from Japan.dead-rising-2-in-japan

  • Dead Rising 2, New Challengers for SSFIV?, and Liara’s Return [Game Overview]

    Dead Rising 2 is coming. It’s on the cusp of releasing this summer and I can’t wait. While the official date has been pushed back to late September, those interested in getting their zombie killing on will be able to pick up Dead Rising 2: Case Zero next month. Case Zero is meant to bridge […]