Dan Plays XCOM E2 – RIP Dan [ER/GO]
Oct 12th, 2012 by Dan

Mismanagement kills.

Dan Plays FTL E27 – Smash Attack [ER/GO]
Oct 11th, 2012 by Dan

Mario and the gang take on the Rebels and…well…I’ll let you see how that goes…

Dan Plays XCOM E1 – Welcome to Earf [ER/GO]
Oct 10th, 2012 by Dan

New Dan Plays series! I’ve been waiting for XCOM for ages and here goes the adventure!

Dan Plays FTL 26 – Hot Shot [ER/GO]
Oct 10th, 2012 by Dan

Now that I’ve saved the galaxy, will I follow up with more success?

Dan Plays FTL E25 – Numerical Progress!
Oct 8th, 2012 by Dan

Hitting numerical milestones is more important than actually winning, right?


Dan Plays FTL E24 – Surrender Now or Prepare to Fight [ER/GO]
Oct 7th, 2012 by Dan

This builds character, right?

Dan Plays FTL E23 – You Teach Me and I Teach You [ER/GO]
Oct 6th, 2012 by Dan

The SS Anne takes off to deliver her vital message. Can she make it?

Dan Plays FTL E22 – Nothing Good Can Come From That Title [ER/GO]
Oct 5th, 2012 by Dan

Not a good sign with that titling. What do you think will happen?

Dan Plays FTL E21 – Beam Me Up! [ER/GO]
Oct 4th, 2012 by Dan

Teleporters and Mantis crew ought to be outlawed, they’re such a great combo.

Dan Plays FTL E20 – Setzer’s Palace [ER/GO]
Oct 3rd, 2012 by Dan

Name ship with a reference to one of your favorite games? Check.

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