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  • Music of 2012 [F]

    The biggest change in 2012 for me was the rise of Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Sure, I still bought plenty of music from Amazon or Google, but an increasing amount of the stuff I picked up came from the individual himself. I mean, why would I expect the Fez soundtrack to occupy a spot in Amazon’s […]

  • Super Ichiban Travel Blog Part VIII: Tokyo Drift [II]

    Here we are on the last (full) day of the Main Tour. It would be the last day that Dave and I were together in Japan, so we decided to hit up all our Tokyo loose ends. That mostly meant wandering around getting the last of our souvenirs and checking out some of the famous […]

  • The I Bring Nothing to the Table aStore!

    You may have noticed a new feature on the sidebar of the blog today: Pages! While the About page is fairly boring, the more important page is my new Amazon Store (or aStore)! You don’t have to buy the stuff I feature on the blog through my store, but if you do, it benefits me […]

  • 8-Bits Never Rocked So Hard: Anamanaguchi [Feedback]

    Kids are stupid. It’s really not their fault, how can they know anything about the important things in life without any real-life experience. Take my music-habits as a kid as a prime example. It’s not like I was listening to The Wiggles or anything so terrible, but among the real musical gems that I was […]

  • Regigigas, I choose you! [Big N]

    Went to the nearest Toys “R” Us today to finally get my hands on the Regigigas that I mentioned in an earlier blog post. The process was quick and easy and I was only slightly embarrassed to complete it. Probably the funniest part of it was that, since I had two copies of the game, […]