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  • The 2010 Season in Review [Wednesday Morning Quarterback]

    Another season is now behind us and the playoffs begin this afternoon at 1330 EST in Tampa Bay. How did I do in my projections? Who do I predict for the World Series? Let’s check it out! AL East My guess: Yankees Rays Red Sox Orioles Blue Jays Actual Results: Rays Yankees Red Sox Blue […]

  • I Hate A.J. Pierzynski [Wednesday Morning Quarterback]

    I realize that he’s just playing to win, but A.J. Pierzynski just has this style of hoodwinking umpires and gaming the system that annoys me to no end. Consider the 2008 ALDS when the Sox played the Rays. I have distinct memories of Pierzynski getting himself a free base on a fake “obstructing the runner” […]

  • MLB 2010 Season Projections [Wednesday Morning Quarterback]

    Another year, another season! 2010 looks to be another good one. The Marlins don’t look like they’re about to run away with their division, but the Rays have a fighting chance this year. I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s back up and go through this division by division like we do every year. AL […]