Giant Bomb E3 2012 Day 1 [GO/ER]
Jun 8th, 2012 by Dan

Watch it to the end of the Year of the Bow song.

E3 2012 – Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance [GO/ER]
Jun 7th, 2012 by Dan

When this was being made by Kojima’s team I thought it was more interesting. Now I worry that, unlike most other MGS games, I won’t be able to progress without killing anyone…

E3 2012 – Agni’s Philosophy: A Final Fantasy Tech Demo [GO/ER]
Jun 7th, 2012 by Dan

Check out Squeenix’s new graphics engine. Very pretty. Now if only they could start producing popular, modern RPGs again…

Django Unchained Trailer [FB/ER]
Jun 7th, 2012 by Dan

Quentin Tarantino sure is making a name for himself in revenge fantasies (Kill Bill and Basterds come to mind). Django looks interesting…

Wreck-It Ralph Trailer [FB/ER]
Jun 7th, 2012 by Dan

I’ve seen it described as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but with video games. It looks pretty interesting. I mean, I’ve got to see it, right?

Giant Bomb E3 2012 Day 0 [GO/ER]
Jun 6th, 2012 by Dan

Everyone’s favorite gaming website recaps the first day of E3!


E3 2012 – Star Wars 1313 [GO/ER]
Jun 6th, 2012 by Dan

It’s like someone said, “You know what should be cool, but rarely is? Games set in the Star Wars universe.” and then Lucasarts decided to fix it.

E3 2012 – Pikmin 3 [GO/ER]
Jun 6th, 2012 by Dan

This looks pretty neat. My favorite part is the level recap at the end (reminds me of Civ I and II).

E3 2012 – Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch [GO/ER]
Jun 6th, 2012 by Dan

I can do without the English VO, but I’m astounded at how well they captured the signature Ghibli style.

E3 2012 – New Super Mario Bros. U [GO/ER]
Jun 6th, 2012 by Dan

I can’t wait until Min wants to murder me for throwing him off a ledge and then stealing all the powerups yet again. Gonna be sweet!

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