Month: April 2012

  • What I’ve Been Doing 9 April 2012 [FB/IB/F/BT/GO]

    Baseball. It signals the end of winter. Guess what, guys? Winter is GONE! The Marlins are off to a rocky start (1-3), but they’re still looking pretty good and, in the past two games, playing pretty well too. I really hope this season is better than the last, but, either way, at least baseball has […]

  • Double Fine Adventure and 2 Player Productions Release First Episode [GO]

    This is gonna be a weird update because I don’t think any most of my regular readers contributed to the Double Fine Adventure, but the first episode of their documentary series is out for backers. Watching it…felt good. I would love to link to the video to prove it, but it’s backers-only (I’m sure you […]

  • Posted Because Kurt Vonnegut is Awesome [BT]

    If you were to bother to read my books, to behave as educated persons would, you would learn that they are not sexy, and do not argue in favor of wildness of any kind. They beg that people be kinder and more responsible than they often are. It is true that some of the characters […]

  • Mad Men S5E02: “Tea Leaves” [IB]

    Not every episode can be a bombastic “Zou Bisou”, can it? A lot of people don’t like Betty, but this episode featured centered around her in a truly bizarre fat suit. Betty has a little bit of a health scare related to a lump found on her thyroid which sends ripples through the Francis and […]