Month: October 2011

  • November Movie Preview [FB/ER]

    Screened runs down the films of November so you can mark your calendars. It’s looking far less grim than last month. The biggest draw is The Muppets.

  • Announcing Comic POW! [BT]

    As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m no longer talking about comic books here because Eric and I have started a new project: Comic POW!. Each week at CP! Eric and I will choose our favorite book, force the other to read it, and then BATTLE (with words) over which is better. If you […]

  • What I’ve Been Doing 31 Oct 2011 [FB/IB/F/BT/GO]

    Movies Castaway on the Moon – I’m about halfway done with this movie about a man so despondent that he gives up on society when he is barely isolated from it and a woman doing the opposite. Very interesting. Heartbreaker (L’arnacœur) – Finished watching my favorite French romantic comedy with Min. I think he dug […]

  • Diablo Cody Interviews John Krasinski on Red Band Trailer [IB/ER]

    This is pretty old, but it’s also pretty funny. Diablo Cody and John Krasinski. Both of them are funny and cute and it’s a nice interview.

  • The Films of Tim Burton [ER/FB]

    Tim Burton is my least favorite director that everyone seems to love. I don’t know why, but every time I see his name I roll my eyes in frustration. It’s a weird personal problem, I know. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying Kees Van Dijkhuizen’s fantastic work as he continues his “Films of” series.

  • Batman: Arkham City Review [GO]

    There may be spoilers ahead. Tread carefully. Growing up in Florida confers all kinds of benefits to the aquatic athlete that you almost take for granted. Outdoor swimming, for one. I never swam indoors once during my years as a high school swimmer. Sure, things got cold in the winter, but we just heated our […]

  • Two Shows: Wild Flag and The Civil Wars [F]

    I doubt that I could attend two more different shows than when I saw Wild Flag and The Civil Wars last week in DC. One was loud, raucous, and distorted while the other was quiet, pure, and crystal clear. Shockingly, given my predilection for loud, upbeat shows, I actually preferred The Civil Wars. Wild Flag […]

  • “Electric Band” Video by Wild Flag [F/ER]

    Bizarre, but awesome. Not just because it’s centered around a baseball game, mind you. Love this band and the surreal imagery of bears playing baseball.

  • What I’ve Been Doing 24 Oct 2011 [FB/IB/F/BT/GO]

    Movies 50/50 – What a great movie. It was funny and emotional at all the right times. After seeing it I just wanted to go home and hug my roommate (like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character, she got cancer at a young age). I’ve seen her in a grand total of four movies now, but I love […]

  • Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm Trailer [GO/ER]

    It’s almost a joke how much I dislike playing SC2 in multiplayer, but Sarah Kerrigan’s story is what always brings me back for more.