Month: August 2011

  • Tokyo Godfathers [FB]

    I’m shocked at how much I liked Tokyo Godfathers. By all accounts I shouldn’t be surprised. I knew I liked Satoshi Kon and I knew the basic outline of the movie, but I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. Tokyo Godfathers is a modern-day fairy tale. Like many fairy tales, it’s almost entirely predicated on […]

  • What I’ve Been Doing 29 Aug 2011 [FB/IB/F/BT/GO]

    Movies Paprika – When the week started I didn’t realize I’d be getting back into Satoshi Kon so hardcore. I actually put off watching it two weeks ago because I thought it would be scarier, but it turned out to not be so bad (and it was awesome). Made me put Perfect Blue at the […]

  • The Civil Wars Tiny Desk Concert [F/ER]

    This is kind of old, but it’s still pretty good. The Civil Wars in a Tiny Desk Concert, folks. Enjoy!

  • Assorted Youtube Vids [ER]

    First a few of Laura Shigihara playing game music. A note about the Mario 2 one, she arranged it when she was eight. EIGHT! This next one is a TF2 moment of mine that I’m particularly proud of:

  • The Films of Guy Ritchie [ER/FB]

    Kees van Dijkhuizen has become my favorite person to follow on Youtube. His latest in the “Films of” series focuses on English director Guy Ritchie, whose films taught me that Englishmen can be scary gangsters too. Hope you enjoy the vid as much as I did.

  • Perfect Blue [FB]

    Idol culture is weird. I mean, bizarre. It only just hit me while I was watching the opening of Perfect Blue that the main fans of these idol groups are men! The shitty, poppy, stupid J-Pop that is peddled throughout Japan by gaggles of over-cute women doing choreographed dances have male audiences. It’s so weird. […]

  • Paprika [FB]

    I take great joy in watching the arc of an auteur’s style and career. Take Satoshi Kon. He’s had a relatively sparse directorial career that was tragically cut short due to pancreatic cancer, but there is a clear thread running through his work that I can trace from Perfect Blue all the way to Paprika […]

  • Gaby Moreno Tiny Desk Concert [F/ER]

    NPR’s Alt Latino has revolutionized my music space and I love it. I get all kinds of acts that aren’t even mainstream in the Latino community, like Gaby Moreno, who has a stellar voice (she really flaunts it in the third song). Enjoy.

  • What I’ve Been Doing 22 Aug 2011 [FB/IB/F/BT/GO]

    Well, “music” of a sort. I have a thing that is linked to my tumblr that you can use to see what I’ve been listening to, artist-wise. No, unless a new awesome album comes out, the point of this is to talk about audio programming I’ve been listening to. Movies Morning Glory – This […]

  • My Year Of Flops: “The Love Guru” [FB]

    A smart, talented, accomplished writer-actor like Myers spending years meticulously creating, rehearsing, and refining an obnoxious one-note cartoon like Guru Pitka is a like a group of brilliant scientists working around the clock for a decade to build a malfunctioning fart machine: a surreal waste of time, energy and manpower. -Nathan Rabin. “My Year Of […]