Home Run Derby [WMQ]
Jul 12th, 2011 by Dan

So the Home Run Derby is definitely still a thing that happens every year and that I definitely choose to ignore every year, but I can’t help but comment on the fact that the NL selections were obscenely stupid. Rickie Weeks? Matt Kemp? Matt Holliday is a more inspired choice, at least.

So the NL was pretty much only represented by Prince Fielder and barely, at that, although he did tie David Ortiz. If you’re curious, the whole thing was won by Robinson Cano who actually belted the most home runs this year (it’s not always the case).

Tonight we have the much more important All-Star Game, which I am not liveblogging this year. I wish I had a clever excuse like that I’m protesting the game’s location (Arizona), but really it’s just that I’m not watching it solo for once this year and I think I’d be an awkward gametime buddy if I was just blogging away instead of watching. Most of my readers aren’t baseball fans, but to those who are/might be: Enjoy the game tonight. Hopefully the NL wins again.

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