Why Star Wars is Secretly Terrifying For Women [ER]
Apr 28th, 2011 by Dan

Red Band Trailer for “30 Minutes or Less” [FB/ER]
Apr 27th, 2011 by Dan

So excited for this movie!

Persona 4 Anime Trailer [ER/IB]
Apr 18th, 2011 by Dan

The Persona 4 anime is coming!

Arctic Monkeys “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair” [F/ER]
Apr 16th, 2011 by Dan

Sounds a lot more like their older stuff, which is never a bad thing.

Mega64: Heavy Rain [ER/GO]
Apr 16th, 2011 by Dan

I don’t know how these guys aren’t thrown out of wherever they are the second they walk in. Another great video game parody

And remember: Sonic still sucks

Captivate 2011 Brings Great News [GO/ER]
Apr 12th, 2011 by Dan

The big announcements for me to come out of Captivate 2011?

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and SSFIV Arcade coming to home consoles.

DR2: Off the Record

Frank West returns in a bizarre alternate retelling of the events of Dead Rising 2. Originally meant to be a director’s cut of the first game, the concept evolved into this bizarre mechanical overhaul where the photography from the first game is reintroduced and the narrative is totally mixed around. Will I pay to play the same-ish game again? Probably.

SSFIV Arcade

Yun, Yang, Oni, and Evil Ryu join the cast along with changes to the mechanics of the game.

The best part of this is that it’ll also be a $15 DLC pack. Thank god. I thought they were gonna lose everyone’s goodwill by making us buy another disc copy of the game. How weird is it that I’m complimenting Capcom for not being total jerks? In any case, I’m excited, even though I haven’t booted up SSFIV in ages. Get hype, y’all.

Shigihara Plays “Frog’s Theme” [F/GO]
Apr 11th, 2011 by Dan

It’s always a pleasure to listen to Laura Shigihara play piano. Listen as she improvises “Frog’s Theme” on piano.

What I’m Watching [IB/FB/WMQ]
Apr 10th, 2011 by Dan

Source Code

Fan-Created Poster of Source Code by Matt Needle


Source Code – Some defect in the genetic composition of my brothers has caused them to write off this movie as garbage. I assure everyone reading that the numbers obtained by Rotten Tomatoes assuring the public that 90% of movie reviewers liked this movie are worth listening to. The “thinking man’s action blockbuster” seems to have become a thing with Inception last year and Duncan Jones delivers. It’s not quite as deep as Nolan’s epic, but still the best option in theaters at the moment.

Sucker Punch – I can’t think of a movie that has missed its mark harder than Sucker Punch did. It’s almost depressing to watch knowing what Zack Snyder intended. Instead we got a movie whose parts don’t gel and whose concept overmatches its director. It makes me want to propose co-directed movies. Let Snyder do the action while someone else handles all the dialog, character interaction, story, etc. It’s worth mentioning that the action sequences are super-cool and easily the only successful parts of the flick, which means if you get bored during straight action scenes, this movie has nothing for you.

Tangled – Naysayers who think Pixar is the only CG talent within Disney, look out. This movie proves that the magic from our collective youths has yet to be extinguished. Marketing would have you believe that Rider (the thief) and Maximus (the horse) would be the focus of the movie a la Aladdin. Marketing is wrong. Fearing that young boys wouldn’t come to the theater to watch a movie about a girl, they hid the fact that it’s a coming-of-age story about the very sheltered Rapunzel. Funny, charming, and worth renting.


Justified – Continues to be my favorite show each week. Tensions are running high in Harlan County and Raylan is stuck right in the middle. I’m not caught up with this week’s episode yet, but I’m sure it’ll continue to be great.

Archer – Oh god, last week’s episode about Cheryl was a riot. The writers are definitely on a roll

Tremé – When I wasn’t watching baseball this week I was catching up on Tremé OnDemand. David Simon’s look at post-Katrina New Orleans lacks some of the focus, direction, and structure that police work gave The Wire, but Tremé is still chock full of fleshed out characters that I cared about. Every episode is full of fantastic music (some might say just a little too much music), great drama, and believable events. Season 2 starts this month and I’ll definitely be tuning in.

Baseball – Surprise, surprise, right? This season has started out with some mega-interesting storylines. The Red Sox and Rays have baffled sportswriters with their inability to win, Manny Ramirez has retired in the face of drug-related sanctions, and, most importantly, the Marlins are off to a solid 5-3 start good enough for second in the NL East.

Mega64 Does Limbo [GO/ER]
Apr 7th, 2011 by Dan

Mega64 returns with their tremendously hilarious reinterpretation of Limbo. Enjoy.

Raphael Saadiq with “Stone Rollin'” [F]
Apr 1st, 2011 by Dan

NPR does it again by turning me on to the funky sound that Raphael Saadiq effortlessly pumps into my eardrums. Enjoy.

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